Facilities Use

General Guidelines for Rental of College Facilities

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General Policies

NorthWest Arkansas Community College facilities exist for the primary purpose of serving a planned and scheduled program of educational activity. At times, when not required in the regularly planned educational program, NWACC facilities may be made available for extra-curricular use to departments, and other organizational units of the College; to organizations composed exclusively of faculty and staff; to organizations which exist solely for the benefit of the College; and to recognized student organizations with the approval of the faculty advisor.

When a facility is in use neither for a regularly scheduled educational activity nor for an extra-curricular use by one of the College organizations listed above, NWACC provides rental facilities for events that augment the College’s role in providing community enrichment. Organizations may rent NWACC facilities or campus grounds for events that provide educational or cultural enrichment or enhance the business climate for the greater good of northwest Arkansas. Private gatherings such as weddings or parties, political rallies, and sales events generally do not meet these criteria.

It is an objective of the College to provide opportunities for College and broader communities to see and hear major leaders from throughout the state, nation, and world. Speeches and debates by or on behalf of candidates for major state or national offices may be scheduled in NWACC facilities under arrangements which allow reasonable opportunities for opposing candidates or points of view. It must be made clear that the College neither supports nor opposes the views stated by and/or the candidacy of such individuals. Any speaker or non-College personnel must abide by College regulations and policies, and shall only speak in the room or area designated by the College.

Further, the College does not grant rental rights for educational activities that may be in direct competition with the College's current or potential offerings. Organizations planning to offer fee-based classes or seminars to persons outside of their organizations should coordinate with the College's Corporate Learning Division as a potential third-party educational provider.

The College retains discretion in the application of the guidelines regarding use of NWACC facilities by outside organizations. Furthermore, the College reserves the right at any time to terminate or deny use to an event when, in the opinion of College administration and security personnel, the event raises serious concerns for the safety and well-being of members of the College community and NWACC property.

No outside organization shall use the campus or facilities without first completing a Facility Use Agreement which requires a written description of the proposed use and then receiving a confirming authorization from the Special Events Coordinator (SEC).

For more information, call 479-936-5172

Procedures & Guidelines
Effective July 1, 2010:
Reservation Procedures:

Non-College-sponsored activities shall be charged a usage and/or rental fee for use of the grounds, facilities, equipment, and/or services. Each facility has a base fee that includes basic set-up and equipment. Any additional needs will be evaluated with the potential of additional fees.

  1. Corporate rental rates are based on a minimum four-hour rental period or a day long rental period.
  2. A deposit is not required prior to a scheduled event. Proper advance notice of cancellation is mandatory. If a reservation is not cancelled 72 or more hours in advance, the entire rental amount will be due.
  3. Upon review of the Facilities Use Request Form, the College reserves the right to accept or reject any requested use of facilities and to impose additional requirements not listed in these guidelines. The judgment of the College Special Events Coordinator concerning usage and rules or regulations shall be final.
  4. While the College is eager to accommodate all potential requests, not all College grounds, facilities, equipment, and/or services may be available for use or rent. Private offices, administrative offices, and workrooms are never available.
  5. Events will be scheduled on a first requested - first reserved basis. Events may not be booked more than six months in advance; exceptions may be made for College sponsored events.
  6. Certain College equipment is available for use and is limited to: computers (not all rooms have computers), digital projectors, TV/VCR systems, overhead transparency projectors, sound systems and flip chart stands. Some equipment may require pre-event training. Corporate groups will be assessed a Technology Fee of $25 per room for use of college owned equipment, even if that equipment is standard in the room. This includes projection screens. Non-profit groups will be charged a $15 Technology Fee.
  7. The College reserves the right to restrict the use or rental of grounds, facilities, equipment, and/or services at any time the College so determines. The College is generally closed for the following: Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Weekend, Winter Break (through New Year's Day), Labor Day Weekend, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  8. The College reserves the right to require vendors, sponsors, or outside organizations to purchase or have specific insurance in force in order to hold an event at the College. Specifics of this requirement will be discussed with the vendor, sponsor, or outside organization after the Facilities Use Form is submitted.
  9. All rates are firm and non-negotiable.

Specific Rental Regulations

  1. Possession or consumption of alcohol or narcotics of any kind are prohibited on campus.
  2. NWACC is a tobacco-free campus as required by the Arkansas Clean Air On Campus Act of 2009. This Act makes it illegal to smoke on all state-supported colleges and universities in Arkansas, including all buildings and grounds owned and operated by the institutions. NWACC also prohibits the use of all tobacco forms, including smokeless tobacco.
  3. Users of College facilities may not remove or displace furniture, equipment or apparatus. College buildings and equipment must not be marred or defaced in any manner. No College-related signs, banners, posters, etc. may be removed from any walls or ceilings anywhere at any time, even if the intent is to replace them following the event.
  4. No signs or other publicity materials will be permitted to be posted anywhere on campus without the specific approval from the designee responsible for postings. In the event any such sign is permitted, its prompt removal following the event will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Signs may not be affixed to any College sign, building or property. The College's name and/or logo shall not appear in any advertising or promotional materials, without specific approval from the SEC or designee, except to indicate the location of the event.
  5. Equipment may not be brought onto College grounds and connected to the electrical service without the prior consent of the SEC or designee. By arrangement, special electrical hookups may be possible. The modifications to electrical service will be made by College electricians and charged to the sponsoring organization. The College does not lend or otherwise provide electrical extension cords, hand tools, ladders, etc. Equipment provided by the user of College facilities must be removed from the College promptly following the scheduled event so as not to interfere with College activities. If there is any delay, the removal may be made by the College at the expense of the sponsoring organization.
  6. Computer equipment may not be connected to or make use of the campus network or of the College's internet connectivity without the prior consent from the SEC or designee. The connection and configuration of computer equipment will be done by a member of the Technology Services Department. Miscellaneous equipment such as power strips, cables, network cards, etc., may be provided based on availability and prior consent by the SEC. Provided equipment must be returned immediately upon the conclusions of the event. The user assumes all responsibility for the equipment that has been provided to the user.
  7. Parking is limited to the designated parking lots and parking deck. Campus guests may not park in any “reserved” spot. Reserved spots are prohibited from guest use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All cars illegally parked will be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.
  8. The number of occupants must be limited to the safe capacity of the room or facility as determined by law. The user of College facilities is required to limit attendance so as not to exceed the designated capacity of the requested facility.
  9. First aid services, if needed, are the responsibility of the user.
  10. For non-College-sponsored activities, it is required that a representative of the sponsoring organization who signed the facility usage agreement be in attendance and in charge at the activity at all times. That person will be identified to the College's Office of Public Safety.
  11. Users must notify the College of any changes to the event schedule as stated in their written agreement at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of their event. Any notification of schedule changes given less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of their event may be implemented at the discretion of the SEC. Users shall not alter the event schedule outside of the time restrictions set forth in the written agreement without written consent from the SEC.
  12. For food and beverage service, users are required to contact Food Service Director, Ashley Willis of Aramark, the caterer under contract to NWACC. All requests should be made directly to Aramark by e-mail at willis-ashley@aramark.com. If Aramark declines the offer to serve, the user may contact another caterer of their choice. An additional $25 Custodial Fee may be charged to groups for clean up following catered events. Non-profit groups may be charged $15.
  13. Users must arrange any special security needs through the SEC. Depending on the size or type of activity, additional security services may be required at an additional fee to the user.
  14. Use of decorations, scenery, exhibits, banners, posters, bleachers, platforms, and any other equipment must receive prior approval from the SEC. No scenery, decorations, or combustible material may be brought onto College grounds without prior approval. Any device capable of producing an open flame, including candles, is prohibited.
  15. Users of activities for non-College-sponsored activities may be required to purchase private insurance to protect the organization from financial liability which may arise should an emergency develop.
  16. Any user of College facilities which charges admission or conducts an activity which involves the payment of money from one to another shall be responsible for its own cash security and full compliance with the applicable federal, state and local statutes and ordinances.
  17. Any user of College facilities must comply with all directions given by an authorized officer, agent, or employee of the College.
  18. An authorized officer, agent, or employee of the College may eject or cause to be ejected from the College any person or persons causing a disturbance or interfering with the peaceful use of College facilities.
  19. Any user of College facilities shall not obstruct the sidewalks, entries, passage vestibules, elevators, or access to restrooms or other public utilities.
  20. The College reserves the right to require any user of College buildings, grounds, facilities or services to reimburse the College for any destruction, damage, defacement or loss (including extraordinary cleaning expenses) to College buildings, properties, facilities or services resulting from user's activities in such buildings, properties, facilities or service.
  21. Any user with outstanding obligations for rentals/services will be refused use of College buildings, grounds, facilities and services until the obligations are satisfied.
  22. Youth or children's groups must be supervised by responsible adults provided by the sponsoring organization.
  23. The College, for public necessity or emergency use, may terminate a contract at any time.

The College, for public necessity or emergency use, may terminate a contract at any time.

NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Facilities Rental Information For Corporate Groups effective 07/01/10



Rate/For Profit


Walmart Auditorium Shewmaker Center B102

160 without tables 100 with tables
(round or rectangle)

$360 per day $180 ½ day

Complete AV System Padded seating Tables/chairs

White Auditorium Burns Hall 1080

Seats 340

$360 per day $180 ½ day

Theater Lighting Theater style seating; Stage No food or beverage allowed

Peterson Auditorium
Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development
SCGBD 1047
Seats 72$270 per day $135 ½ day Complete AV System
Padded Seating

Corporate Training Room Shewmaker Centers

Seats 30

$144 per day $72 ½ day

LCD projection White board Padded seating

Corporate Training Room (Limited Availability) Shewmaker Centers

Seats 60

$288 per day $144 ½ day

LCD projection White board Padded seating

Computer Lab Shewmaker Center

16 Computer Stations

$500 per day $250 ½ day

LCD projection White board Padded seating

Computer Lab (Limited availability) Shewmaker Center

32 Computer Stations

$800 per day

LCD projection White board Padded seating

Trammel Trustee Board Room Burns Hall 1469

Seats 20

$144 per day $72 ½ day

Board Room Executive Seating LCD projection

Small Business Conference Room Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies B103Seats 20$144 per day $72 ½ dayBoard Room
Executive Seating
LCD Projector/Computer
Unsecred WIFI

Other College Facilities


Negotiated Charges


Room rates are subject to City of Bentonville Hospitality Tax of 2%

Technology Fee: $25 per room will be assessed for use of any college owned technology, even if that equipment is standard in the room, this includes use of projection screens.
Custodial Fee: $25 will be charged to groups for clean up following catered events.

NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Facilities Rental Information
for Non-Profit & Tax Supported Groups

Each non-profit or tax supported group meeting at NorthWest Arkansas Community College will be charged a Minimum Room Fee of $30 per room. A Technology Fee of $15 will be assessed for use of any college owned technology, even if that equipment is standard in the room, this includes use of projection screens. If refreshments will be served, a $15 Custodial Fee will be charged.
Room rates are subject to a City of Bentonville Hospitality tax of 2%
Sponsored Groups: External non-profit groups that meet at NWACC, and who provide NWACC students the opportunity to take part in the activity for educational enrichment, may be entitled to a negotiated room rental rate.


Additional Forms


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