Student Ambassadors - 2013-2014

    Dennis 'DJ' Cameron-  President

Hello, my Name is Dennis Cameron Jr., or DJ for short, you can even call me Moose. This is my third year on the NWACC campus, and second year as a Student Ambassador. I come from Rogers Arkansas, born and raised and proud of that. My academic goals are to one day become a U.S. History teacher and one day go into politics. Although I like such "boring" topics as history I am a really funny person to get to know! So if you see me around campus and want to get to know me feel free.

    Luis Martinez- Vice President

    Azlee Goode - Secretary

My name is Azlee Goode. I was born and raised in Albany, Georgia until I was sixteen years old. My dad is a pastor and my mom is an accountant. They both work for Cross Church.  I have two brothers and one sister. They all go to Shiloh and they are some of my favorite people in the world. I graduated from Shiloh Christian School in 2012.  A big contributor in my life is Jesus Christ. I was saved when I was 7 years old, and it was a decision that I made that would affect my life forever. I’m a small group leader at my church and I love the opportunity that it has given me. I love photography and traveling.  I love my family and eating food! If you would like to know anything else just let me know!

  Stephanie Monter - Career Closet Manager

    Daniel Ramirez - Game Room Warden

My name is Daniel Rey Ramirez. I was born on September 4, 1991 in Yuba City, California. Raised in Sutter, CA and played soccer my whole life. I now live in Fayetteville. I've been there for a little over a year now. I plan on being a physical therapist and later on get into sports therapy 

      Joshan Cortez - Historian


    Luis Ramirez - Publicity Coordinator

My name is Luis Ramirez and this will be my second year at NWACC. I am currently earning my Associates of Science and I plan to major in Software Development after transferring to the University of Arkansas. Life has given me so many opportunities. I enjoy helping others in any way I can and I tend to do what is right to pursue a life of happiness. It is an honor to work with the other Student Ambassadors and we plan to make this school year an incredible experience.

   Erika Garcia - SGA Liaison

I'm Erika Janet Garcia. I was born and raised in northwest Arkansas but my family comes from Durango, Mexico. I graduated from Bentonville High School in 2012. I'm very passionate for politics and the structure of our government; therefore I hope to teach civics or government in a high school in northwest Arkansas. I will be getting my major in political science and hopefully get my masters of education at the University of Arkansas. I would like to have a minor in Spanish and also be an ESL teacher within my subject of teaching.   I am very dedicated and caring, which is why I'd like to make a difference in my community even if it's a little change. The greatest accomplishment will be knowing I have devoted my time and effort to make a difference in someone else's life.

     Raul Najera - Media Relations


Brian Hernandez - Office Manager

I am a nineteen years old young man who came from Mexico 4 years ago. The reason why my family decided to come to the U.S. is because for 16 years my mom, brother, and I had lived without the total presence of my dad in the house due to his work here in Fayetteville. But after those 16 years my family had the possibility of getting the residence card, so we decided to stay together. I have always been dedicated to school even though I had some trouble trying to learn the new language. I attended to Har-Ber high school and now I am fortunate of continuing my college path at NWACC and I hope to transfer to the U of A without any problems to accomplish one of my biggest goals in life, to become an architect.

I am really simple with the things I like to do. I really like to listen to my music, videogames, working out, and more recently I am trying to get used to read.

Finally but not least, even though sometimes I am a quiet person (depending on the group that I am with), I can already see that I am going to be totally opposite to that and all thanks to this great group of people that trust each other.



Contact Information:
Becky Hudson
Director of Student Life 
Location: Student Center Room 225H