Learner Support Services


Transfer Center
Phone:  479-619-2214
Office:   Transfer Center-SC 235


NWACC Transfer Center Pathways
In an effort to serve NorthWest Arkansas Community College students, the NWACC Transfer Center provides pathways to the transfer exploration process by providing accurate, up-to-date information to those students who seek to move on after achieving their general education requirements and even two-year degrees. Members of this office function as ambassadors between NWACC and four-year universities and colleges, including schools offering degrees in the allied health professions. In an effort to make a student’s transfer pathway as seamless as possible, the Transfer Center coordinates and maintains resources, and offers activities and services aiming to help students move to the next step in their academic career while simultaneously encouraging completion of an associate degree from NWACC.
One goal of the NWACC Transfer Center includes ensuring that students have full access to information and professional contacts deemed necessary for making informed decisions about what major they will ultimately choose and the transfer institution they will attend. To achieve this end, we strive to do the following: 
  • Schedule informational appointments to discuss the transfer process
  • Connect students with representatives from regional colleges and universities
  • Maintain a Transfer Center website that reflects current information relating to transferring from NWACC to another institution of higher learning
  • Provide access to a transfer library of college and university handbooks, catalogs, scholarships, and transfer guides
  • Educate students about the reverse transfer process
  • Develop workshops, classroom presentations, and transfer fairs













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