NWACC Honors Program
Engage. Commit. Transform.

 The NWACC Honors Program offers a curriculum of small, challenging classes led by instructors who are engaging and committed to transforming your ideas of undergraduate education. Many classes offer seminar-style discussions, learning through experience and service, and opportunities for rethinking traditional approaches to coursework.

The program strives to offer students a feeling of community as they take classes, study, and work side by side on class and service projects. Program members have access to a study lounge in Burns Hall and are eligible to apply for annual, member-only scholarships.

Honors Program students become some of the most engaged, connected, and successful students on campus; they are future nurses and history professors, scientists and English teachers, PhD's and business leaders. Contact the Honors Program at honors@nwacc.edu.


Fall 2015 Honors Courses:

Class Description Days Time Room
ENGL 1013HComposition I (Jones)Mon/Wed9:00-10:15BH 2239
ENGL 2213HSurvey of World Lit to 1650 (Chesne)Mon/Wed10:30-11:45BH 2239
PLSC 2003HAmerican National Government (Evans)Mon/Wed12:00-1:15BH 2239
HIST 2003HHist of American People to 1877 (Vinzant)Mon/Wed1:30-2:45BH 2239
ENGL 1013HComposition I (Jackson)Tue/Thu9:00-10:15BH 2239
BIOL 1544HPrinciples of Biology I (Turner)Tue/Thu9:00-11:50BH 1326
HIST 1033HWorld Civilization to 1500 (Gallo)Tue/Thu10:30-11:45BH 2239
PSYC 2003HGeneral Psychology (Slavik)Tue/Thu10:30-11:45NCPTC 1010
ENGL 1013HComposition I (Hutton)Tue/Thu12:00-1:15BH 2239
PHIL 2003HIntroduction to Philosophy (Herrnstein)Tue/Thu1:30-2:45BH 2239
HUMN 2003HIntro to Gender Studies (Bolinder)Fri9:00-11:45BH 2239


Note:  If you are a student who is already well into your program of study or are in a program with strict course requirements and are unable to fulfill Honors Program requirements, you may still enroll in Honors courses. Students who have a 3.5 GPA or who scored a 90 or higher in the reading portion of the COMPASS are encouraged to enroll in Honors courses.  Students who do not meet the above criteria, but excel in a particular subject area are encouraged to sign up for a course within that area.