Honors Summer Travel

NWACC honors students have the opportunity for domestic travel experiences throughout the semester and during the summer. 

Past Honors Summer Travel Program courses on the History of the American West have taken students to Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. A linked U.S. History and American National Government course took students to Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Future summer travel opportunities will be posted when offered.

Students dig for gold with Dr. Huggard at a ghost town in Montana Honors students pose at the Continental Divide marker in Montana.

Honors Summer Travel Photos, 2005-2007

View images from the Honors Summer 2006 Travel Course to Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico (The History of the American Southwest)

View images from the Honors Summer 2005 Travel Course to Montana and Wyoming (The History of the American Frontier)

Riding the Silverton-Durango train in Colorado Mesa VerdeHonors students at Yorktown Battlefield

Students white water rafting in Wyoming. Can you find Dr. Huggard?




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