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Calling? We are currently experiencing a large increase in phone calls and may be on the line with another student when you call.

Please leave a voicemail with your contact information, ID number, and question/concern if you are not able to reach someone immediately. We will return your message as soon as possible.

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Academic Advising Center
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It can be hard to figure out what you want to do with your life, and when you throw navigating a college degree plan into the mix, things can get pretty confusing.  We are here to help with that.  Our goal at the Academic Advising Center is to help you determine what college path is best for you to achieve your education and career goals.  Our friendly staff members are experts in their fields and can give you the guidance you need to be a successful student here at NWACC and beyond.

We offer numerous services to our students to help them succeed, both inside and outside the classroom:

  • Degree and academic planning
  • Assistance with academic programs, and campus policies/procedures
  • Strategies on successfully transferring to complete your bachelors degree
  • Information on FREE campus resources to help you earn better grades



  • May 14: Grades available online to students
  • August 14 - September 8: Book Credit Available (if Financial Aid Eligible. More info here)
  • August 19: Registration begins for students using the Golden Age Waiver.
  • August 24: Fall 2015 semester begins
  • August 31 - Last Day to Drop and Receive 100% Refund for Fall 2015 classes


See Academic Calendar for full list of upcoming dates and deadlines.