Treasurer's Office

Financial Aid Disbursements

Spring 2014

The mailing of refund checks will begin three (3) business days after the disbursement of financial aid to the students' account.  Financial aid will be disbursed to students' account starting January 28, 2014. 

All checks will be mailed to the address on record in the Student Admission office.

If the total of financial aid applied for the term is greater than the balance owed, the surplus will be refunded.  A refund check will be produced when the account is overpaid and mailed to the address on record.  It is the policy of the College to mail all financial aid refund checks. 

Financial aid will only pay what is charged to a students' account at the time the financial aid is disbursed.  Any charges incurred by the student after the financial aid was applied, the balance owed will be the responsibility of the student.  Failure to pay balances in full by payment deadlines may prevent enrollment in future terms.


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