What is our school code for completing the FAFSA? 030633

 Will I receive Financial Aid for summer classes?
Students who attended full-time in the fall and spring will not be eligible for Federal Pell or Direct Loans.  Students, who at the end of the spring term have completed 30 plus hours, can request additional Federal Direct Loan money.  Students who reduced or declined Federal Direct Loan money during the fall or spring semester, may be eligible for summer financial aid.

If I withdrew from spring classes, will I be eligible for summer Financial Aid?
Eligibility is based on your overall Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  Please refer to the SAP Policy.

How many hours can I take during the summer?

The maximum number of hours a student can enroll in for the summer is 14 credit hours.

When is the deadline for submitting a FAFSA for summer 2013?
Priority deadline is May 1, 2013

When is the deadline for submitting a FAFSA for fall 2013?
Priority deadline is June 1, 2013