Honors Program Faculty


Dixie Androes, PhD (Astronomy)Professor Judy Tobler presenting an Outstanding Graduate award to Jeni Conner

Megan Bolinder, PhD (Gender Studies)

April L. Brown, PhD (History, Leadership Seminar)

Sabrina Chesne, MFA, MPA (World Literature)

Carl Franks, PhD (Composition)

Christopher Huggard, PhD (History, Honors Seminar)

Jeff Jackson, MA (Composition, Humanities)

Christina Jones, MA (Communication)

Jacqueline Jones, MA (Composition)

Michael Johnson, MA (History)

Doug Krueger, PhD (World Religions)Professor Laughton gives a presentation on the Irish and the issue of race during the Irish Themed Semester (2012)

James Laughton, MA (Composition, World Lit)

Megan Looney, MFA (Composition)

Linda Lovell, PhD (Composition, World Lit)                                

Don Merrell, PhD (Philosophy)

Rebecca Paneitz, PhD (Leadership Seminar)

Dianne Phillips, MA, MS (Geology)

Valor Pickett, MA (History)

Dierdre Slavik, PhD (Psychology)

Judith Tobler, MA (Political Science)

Gene Vinzant, PhD (History)

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