Treasurer's Office

Adding/Dropping Classes

Spring 2014

Effect on tuition and fees of adding or dropping classes:
Classes with the same number of credit hours that are dropped and added simultaneously will be treated as an even exchange of tuition and fees during the drop periods of each semester. For classes with different total credit hours that are dropped and added simultaneously, students will receive the appropriate credit/refund of tuition and fees percentage for the dropped class or pay the total tuition and fees for the added classes. The infrastructure fee is non-refundable during the 80% drop period, only tuition and fees will be refunded at 80%

Cancelled Classes:
Students who are enrolled in classes that have been cancelled will receive a 100% credit/refund of tuition and fees for the cancelled classes.  These refunds will be done during normally refund periods.

Students may be eligible for a refund if they officially drop from classes within the specified drop periods. An official drop is complete when the "drop-add" form has been properly processed by the Student Records Office or a drop online. If tuition and fees were paid in cash, check, or by credit card a refund check will be produced and mailed approximately 4 to 6 weeks for Fall & Spring terms and approximately 2 to 3 weeks for Summer terms after the 80% refund period ends. After the first refund disbursement of the semester, refunds will be processed every two weeks.

All refund checks will be mailed. Students need to have their current mailing address on file in the Student Admission Office, Student Center 204.

If tuition/fees were paid via the FACTS payment plan, all refunds will be issued in the form of a refund check whether it was actually paid to FACTS with a credit card or a checking/savings account. If tuition/fees were paid by a third party payee, the refund will be issued back to the third party.

Student Financial Responsibility
In order to avoid financial responsibility, if you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund periods.  Be aware that dropping classes may reduce your eligibility for financial aid, resulting in debt owed by you.  DO NOT assume you will be dropped automatically if you do not pay your tuition or if you do not attend classes.  Courses that are not dropped will receive a grade. 

Note: For those students who do not officially drop from classes, no credit/refund of tuition and fees will be made.

Questions concerning tuition and fee appeals (credit/refund of tuition and fees after the 80% drop period) may be brought to the Office of the Vice President for Learner Administrative Services.

Spring 2014 Drop Date Schedule


Length of class
Classes Begin
Drop with 100% Credit/Refund
Drop with 80% Credit/Refund
Drop without a "W" on Transcript
Drop a Class and Receive a "W" on Transcript
16 week class 1/13/141/21/141/27/141/27/143/28/14
First  8 Week Class 1/13/14 1/15/141/21/141/21/142/14/14
First 8 Week-end Class 1/11/141/14/141/17/141/17/142/8/14
12 Week Late Start Class 2/3/142/6/142/12/142/12/143/28/14
Second 8 Week Class 3/12/143/14/143/19/143/19/144/24/14
Second 8 Week-end Class 3/8/143/11/143/14/143/14/144/12/14


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