Shewmaker Center for

Global Business Development


Vision, Mission, and Values

The Vision of the Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development is to cultivate and nourish a thriving network that unifies academic, government, and industry leaders around economic success in Northwest Arkansas through national and international relationships.  

The following have been identified as the Center's Core Values:

  • Entrepreneurial and scholarly thinking
  • Contributions of faculty, staff, community members, business and industry, and students
  • Partnerships and with businesses and industry to provide integrated educational opportunities for students seeking lifelong learning
  • Critical thinking and positive approaches to problems to build attributes of creativity and innovation, and develop enterprise leadership traits of character
  • Global Business Development as a science and an art--as a primary way in which a free society grows and improves not only its economy, but its cultural and social life

The Mission of the Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development is to enhance regional economic development by providing effective business development professional development and related services.

The Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development is committed to fostering the creation, development, and sustainability of business through nine primary areas: 

Entrepreneurial Studies Institute
Retail Management Institute
Bill Stribling Sustainability Institute
J. B. Hunt Transportation-Logistics Institute
Randy and Valerie Lawson SIFE Center
John and Emily Douglas Learning Resource Center
University Partnerships
Business & Computer Information Division
Horace and Jaretta Hardwick Hospitality Center