NWACC Honors Program Graduation Requirements

Honors Program members are encouraged to take at least one honors course each semester. Many students begin in honors with a Composition I Honors class, then enroll in other honors courses over the next three semesters. Students are required to take 6 hours in Core Courses, which are identified on the Honors Courses page. Students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA in all coursework and earn a B or higher in honors courses for them to count toward the 12 hour Honors Program requirement. Members are also encouraged to participate in Service Learning and/or EMPACTS projects. 

To receive Honors Program Graduate distinction, program members must:

1. Fulfill all NWACC degree requirements

2. Complete 12 credit hours of Honors courses, including 6 credit hours in CORE courses, with a grade of B or higher;

3. Compile an Honors Program Portfolio (see portfolio link), and receive a satisfactory evaluation of that portfolio;

4.  Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA in all coursework at NWACC.

For questions/comments on this eligibility or graduation requirements, please contact honors@nwacc.edu.