Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Culinary Arts Course Descriptions


CULY 1003 Safety and Sanitation

This course will provide student with the knowledge of various safety and sanitation practices in the foodservice and hospitality industries.  Students have an option to take the national Serve Safe certification exam.

CULY 1103 Introduction to Food Preparation and Theory

This course introduces basic food preparation knowledge and skills, recipe conversions and measuring techniques. Also included is instruction in the operation of commercial food service equipment and consideration of the history and value of food to society. The course consists of both a lecture and lab component which is competency driven.  Prerequisites: CULY 1003.

CULY 1203 Stocks, Soups and Sauces

In this course students will be instructed in the classic art of stock, sauce and soup production. Classic techniques will be taught and utilized that will then lead into a more modern approach to soups, stocks, and sauces. This course lays the foundation for many other areas of cooking and will provide invaluable competencies utilize in other courses. Prerequisites:  CULY 1003, CULY 1103.

CULY 1303 Center of the Plate Application

This course builds on basic food preparation knowledge and skills by focusing on presentation and consumption of center-of-the-plate items and products. Special attention will be given to meat, fish and poultry cooking and presentation. In addition, this course further broadens knowledge of culinary arts within the commercial kitchen.  Prerequisites:  CULY 1003, CULY 1103, CULY 1203.

CULY 1403 Garde Manger 

This course provides an advanced study of the culinary art of the cold kitchen.  Topics range from salads and dressing to sausage making, pates and terrines. Students will also learn techniques used in the presentation of buffets including upscale d├ęcor and garnishing. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, CULY 1103, CULY 1203.

CULY 2003 World Cuisine

Provides advanced training in preparation of selected ethnic and foreign cuisines. Students will explore the relationship and influence of foreign cuisine on today's more popular ingredients and dishes. Prerequisites:  CULY 1003, CULY 1103.

CULY 2103 Contemporary Cuisine

This course provides the advanced culinary arts student instruction and practice in the actual back of the house operation of a working restaurant.  Practice in cooking, menu design, managing, plating and service are also included. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, CULY 1103, CULY 1203, CULY 1403, CULY 2003.

CULY 2203 Culinary Arts Internship

This course encompasses a supervised work experience in the major field which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained through coursework. An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished. Seminars may also be required. Please see the Program director for an internship application. The internship requires 120 verified work hours. Prerequisites: Permission from Program Director.