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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Program Length: 324 classroom hours

Curriculum Description

This program provides training to students interested in a career in HVAC, or those currently working in the trade seeking to improve their knowledge.  The three semester program provides knowledge and skills relevant to HVAC technicians, and incorporates energy efficiency and green installation techniques.

In addition, the coursework can help prepare students for the EPA Exam; and we do offer participants the opportunity to take the exam during their time in the program.  The courses combine classroom and hands-on lab experience taught by qualified experts in the trade (on the job hours not required). 

108 contact hours per semester. 


Fundamentals of HVAC
This interactive course introduces students to the Heating and Air Conditioning trade. Students will learn theory and fundamentals, tools, equipment, and instruments proper use and safety. Proper techniques for tubing, piping, soldering and brazing of copper. Cooling system components-why and how they are used. Systems including: refrigerant recovery and management; lubrication; leak testing; evacuation; charging; and cooling trouble-shooting. 

*Class meets two nights a week.

Basic Electricity Applied to HVAC/Hybrid
This interactive course introduces electricity as applied to HVAC, theory, and safety including: types of HVAC controls in HVAC systems; electric motors theory and application; trouble shooting controls and electrical components.
*Two offerings of this class: The normal delivery meets two nights per week; the Hybrid delivery meets one day per week and incorporates an instructor led on-line study component.

HVAC Systems
This interactive course introduces various systems used in HVAC including: gas heating; electric heat and heat pump applications and trouble-shooting; comfort system and energy efficient design; air distribution layout and sizing; review of cooling systems operation.
Prerequisite: Fundamentals of HVAC and Basic Electricity Applied to HVAC

*Class meets two nights per week.

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