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Available Online Courses

This list contains the online classes that are currently offered throughout the year. To verify that these are available for the semester you are enrolling for, or to search for other offerings, use the Available Course Schedule.

Course Name    -Click to sort-SubjectCourse Number
Principles of Accounting I ACCT2013
Principles of Accounting II ACCT2023
Computerized Accounting with QuickbooksACCT2043
Introduction to Medical TerminologyAHSC1001
Electronic Health Records AHSC1123
Medical Terminology for Health SciencesAHSC1403
Cultural Anthropology ANTH1023
Art AppreciationARHS1003
Art History IARHS2913
Art History II ARHS2923
Survey of the Universe ASTR2004
Business Organization and ManagementBADM2513
Small Business Management BADM2523
Supervision BADM2533
Professional Selling & Marketing BADM2633
Managing the Non-Profit OrganizationBADM2833
Introduction to Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL1013
Principles of Biology I BIOL1544
Legal Environment of Business I BLAW2013
Legal Environment of Business II BLAW2023
Foundations of Early Childhood EducationCHED1003
Child Growth and DevelopmentCHED2033
Chemistry in the Modern World CHEM1054
Internet Resourcing CISM1203
Operating Systems (Windows)CISM1303
Database Mgmt (Access)CISM1403
SQL ConceptsCISM1433
Spreadsheet Analysis (Excel) CISM1503
Introduction to Web Page DesignCISM2123
Intermediate Web Page Design CISM2133
Advanced PhotoshopCISM2223
Advanced Spreadsheet AnalysisCISM2503
Introduction to Computer Information CISQ1103
Business Statistics CISQ2013
Introduction to Criminal Justice CMJS2013
Film ArtsCOMM1003
Public Speaking COMM1303
Safety and Sanitation CULY1003
Introduction to the Theatre DRAM1003
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON2013
Principles of Microeconomics ECON2023
Intermediate Writing ENGL0063
English Composition I ENGL1013
English Composition II ENGL1023
Survey of World Literature to 1650 ENGL2213
Survey of World Literature from 1650 ENGL2223
Environmental ScienceENSC1003
Environmental Science Lab ENSC1001L
Hazardous Materials Control & Emergency Response ENSC2303
Environmental Compliance DocumentationENSC2413
Fundamentals of Industrial HygieneENSC2703
Introduction to EntrepreneurshipENTR1003
Feasibility & Funding ENTR2033
Educational Technology ETEC2003
Introduction to GeographyGEOG1013
Human GeographyGEOG1123
Disease PathologyHIM1213
Western Civ to 1650HIST1003
Western Civ since 1650HIST1013
World Civilizations to 1500HIST1033
World Civilizations since 1500HIST1043
History of American People to 1877 HIST2003
History of American People since 1877 HIST2013
History of Arkansas HIST2053
Wellness Concepts HLSC1002
Personal Health and Safety HLSC1103
Nutrition in Health HLSC2103
Introduction to HospitalityHOSP1003
Supervisory Management HOSP1103
Nutrition for Food Service HOSP1203
Hospitality Purchasing HOSP1303
Hospitality Marketing HOSP1403
Travel & Tourism HOSP1803
International Marketing INTB2033
International Management INTB2063
Global Perspectives INTB2083
Pre Algebra MATH0013
Beginning Algebra MATH0053
Intermediate Algebra MATH0103
Math for AAS General EducationMATH1003
College Algebra MATH1204
Plane Trigonometry MATH1213
Survey of Calculus MATH2043
Finite MathematicsMATH2053
Calculus IMATH2554
Introduction to Business MGMT1003
Retail Management MGMT1033
Music Appreciation MUSI1003
Networking MathNTWK1002
Command-Line ScriptingNTWK2203
Introduction to Occupational Safety & HealthOSHA2003
OSHA General Industry StandardsOSHA2203
Safety & Health Risk ManagementOSHA2533
Special Topics in OSHAOSHA2843
Workplace Communication and Critical ThinkingOSIM1102
Business Communications OSIM1103
Business Presentations OSIM2103
Computer Support and Project Management OSIM2503
Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL2003
Clinical Kinesiology PHTA2105
American National GovernmentPLSC2003
State & Local GovernmentPLSC2203
Introduction to International Relations PLSC2803
General Psychology PSYC2003
Abnormal Psychology PSYC2043
Human Growth & DevelopmentPSYC2103
Problems of Child WelfareSCWK2633
General Sociology SOCI2013
Social Problems SOCI2033
Supply Chain Management TRLG1013
Transportation ManagementTRLG2013
Inventory ManagementTRLG2033


For informational purposes only. Developmental courses may be required before beginning college-level work. *Some courses have pre-requisites. Classes may have proctored testing requirements, especially science and math. Please consult with an advisor before beginning any degree program.

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