Course Specific Software & Website Support Information

Pearson MyMathLab and other MyLab products

Registration information can be found here:

MyMathLab support by email or live chat can be found here:

By Phone: M-F 11am - 7pm CST at 1-800-677-6337

There are How-To videos at the bottom of this page:

SAM 2010

Technical support is provided through a knowledge database and by sending in support tickets. You will need an account with them to get to these options.

SAM 2010 Technical Support Login Page


Support Information:

By Phone: M-Th 8am - 2am, Fri 8am - 10pm, Sat 10:30am - 7pm, Sun 10:30am - 10pm CST at 1-800-677-6337


Online Help Documentation -

By Phone: M-F 7am - 4pm CST at 1-877-767-1543

Other products?

If you know of other products that your instructors use and would like the support information shown here, please email the product name and/or website to Lucas Paxton at