Admissions and Registration for Distance Learning Classes

Step 1: Admission

You start by becoming a student at NWACC -- by going through the admissions process. This means that you need to fill out an application for admission, talk to an advisor about your college plans, and maybe contact the Financial Aid office.

There is generally no time limit on when you can be admitted, except if you plan to take classes soon, you need to be admitted as soon as possible!

Follow these links or call or email to get more information on how to become a student at NWACC:

Admissions Information(479)
Advising Center(479) 619-4324Online Email Form
Financial Aid Office (479)
If this is your very first time to take any college classes,
you must talk to Advising prior to enrolling in classes.

How to Find Online Classes

There is no separate class schedule for online courses. Online classes are listed in the regular course schedule, right along with all the other face-to-face NWACC classes, on the Dynamic Schedule. Choose the semester you wish to attend from the drop down box, and on the next page choose at least one Subject and select Online Classes as the Instructional Method.


You can also tell if the class is online by looking at the Section number, which is the number right after the course number. For example, in ACCT 2013 - 01W, the "01W" is the section number. If the section number has a W after it, it is an online class -- example: -04W

FYI: There are also two other types of Distance Learning classes at NWACC: hybrid classes and video classes.

Be sure to read carefully the information given in the class schedule for each class, as it will alert you to prerequisites, the need for special permission to enroll, and other important items.

PAYMENT: You will have to pay for your classes by a deadline or you will be dropped from your classes. Click HERE for information about payment deadlines.

Step 2 : Enroll in Online Classes

After you are admitted as a student, you should enroll in classes during the regular enrollment periods listed in the current NWACC college catalog [go HERE to find the latest catalog].

Online classes have the same enrollment periods as regular face-to-face classes, except they generally fill up much more quickly! So plan to enroll early!

Instructions on how to register for classes can be found HERE!

Step 3: Contact your Instructors

It is highly recommended that you contact your instructors before the semester begins to get more information about the class. Check your schedule for your teacher's name, and then click HERE for their contact information. It is easier to reach most instructors by email, especially during semester breaks and summer when they might not be in the office. Be sure to ask about these things: Will I need any additional access codes, special software, or special materials for the class? Will there be any on-campus requirements?

If your class says "TBA" or "Staff" for the instructor, this means a teacher has not yet been assigned to the class. Keep checking back on the main course schedule to see who is assigned, and contact them as soon as possible.

GET YOUR BOOKS: Remember that before the semester begins, you need to buy your textbooks and other required materials. Go to the NWACC Bookstore website HERE to see what is required.