Steps to select your classes in My NWACC Connection

Step 1

Start at

Step 2

If you do not have your username and password or are a first time user, please contact the Student Technology Help Desk at 479-619-4376

Step 3

Using your user name and password, log into your My NWACC Connection

My NWACC Connection Login Screen

Step 4

Click on the EagleNet Icon

Step 5

Click on Student

Step 6

Click on College Credit Course Registration

Step 7

Click on Register/Add/Drop

Step 8

Submit current term

*Scroll down and select course type and term from the drop down menu and click on Submit

Step 9

Scroll down and click on Class Search to find a complete class listing or enter the CRN(s) of the course/courses you want.

Step 10

Select the Subject and enter the Course Number of the class for which you are searching.  You may enter additional information about the class you wish to find, such as meeting days or instructor.  To see all of the available classes for the course you selected, leave all fields as you see them below:

Step 11

Click Class Search

The location column shows where the class meets.  To view all Location codes select 'HELP" in the top right corner

Step 12

To register, check the box beside the class and click on Register.  

("C" indicates the class is closed "NR" indicates that registration is not available for that course)

Step 13

Click class search to search for your next course and repeat steps 11 -16.

Step 14

The drop down menu can be used to select the **Web Dropped** option to drop classes.  To complete the class drop, you must click on Submit Changes

Step 15

Once you have registered for classes print all of these documents

  • Student Schedule by Day & Time (at bottom of page). Click on Student Detail Schedule(at bottom of page).  Take this printout to the bookstore to buy your books.
  • Registration Fee Assessment (at bottom of page).  You can follow the links to set up a payment plan at the time of registration.

**You will be dropped for non-payment if you fail to set up a payment plan or pay in full by the published payment due date.

Step 16

To Exit My NWACC Connection, at the top right corner of your screen, select My Menu and click on Sign Out