Financial Aid Overview Form

All students seeking aid must review the financial aid overview information and submit the acknowledgement form to financial aid to complete the process.

Financial Aid Overview Videos


·        Student loans, how to get and keep one

·        Financial Aid Refunds, the when, who and how 

·        General Financial Aid Info that may affect how much aid you receive

·        Satisfactory Academic Progress

Please view the information for the term in which you are enrolling.

Overview Acknowledgement Form

This form verifies that you understand the financial aid processes at NWACC.  This form MUST be returned to Financial Aid in order for you to become a federal aid funded NWACC student.


Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid is a process that is, for the most part, specific to individual needs.
With that in mind, here is a comprehensive list of the financial aid forms.  Not all of the forms will apply to you, but this is a helpful library for finding any aid form you might need.



student loan forms

If you have student loans, you can adjust the amount you are receiving or cancel them altogether with the following form.  More information regarding student loans is available here.


Professional Judgment Forms

If your FAFSA income report has circumstances that we are unaware of in which you may require additional assistance, there is a possibility that your income can be adjusted.  The following page houses the necessary forms and can help you understand if you may qualify for Financial Aid to adjust your income.