Satisfactory Academic Progress

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress

Your academic success is important. Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress is necessary for you to realize the full benefit of the opportunities provided you through the Federal Financial Aid Program. Please take time to read our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. It can vary from one academic year to another. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2015-2016 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

2016-2017 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

When a student loses federal student aid eligibility because they failed to make satisfactory academic progress, he or she may appeal that result on the basis of: his injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances. The appeal must explain why they failed to make satisfactory progress and what has changed in their situation that will allow them to make satisfactory progress at the next evaluation.

If you have lost federal aid eligibility and have a special circumstance that you can document, you may request to appeal the exclusion. There are several steps to complete the appeal. There are several steps to the process:

  1. Check to be sure financial aid file is complete through My NWACC Connection
  2. Print and complete the appeal form
  3. Make an appointment to see advisor
  4. Advising notes will be made in our system by the advisor for the committee to review
  5. Turn in the appeal form to financial aid office
  6. Appeal is reviewed and student is sent a response to their NWACC email account

Appeal Forms

The Fall 2016 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal process will open June 7th. The last week to start the process will be the week of July 25th.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that you can document for the following Exclusion statuses:

  • attempted too many hours
  • are not on track to graduate on time
  • do not meet the minimum GPA requirement
  • do not meet the minimum course completion rate

Attending a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Workshop is the first step in the appeal process. Workshop attendance is mandatory to appeal. The workshop will cover the appeal process and appeal forms are handed out at the end. The last two regularly scheduled workshop is July 28th. These two workshop are full.

We will be offering some late workshops around the middle of September. September workshop dates and times will be posted by September 1st. To attend a September workshop, students on exclusion for their course completion rate and/or GPA must be enrolled in regular 16 week classes with a payment plan setup to hold their classes. Late appeals will not be reviewed for students that are not enrolled in classes. 

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