Facilities Use Meeting Room Policy FAQ

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What type of activities and events can be held at NorthWest Arkansas Community College?

NWACC facilities are available for events that provide educational or cultural enrichment or enhance the business climate for the greater good of northwest Arkansas. The College does not grant rental rights for educational activities that may be in direct competition with the College’s current or potential offerings. Private gatherings, such as weddings or parties, political rallies; and sales events do not meet these criteria.


What rooms are available for reservation?

Wal-Mart Auditorium, Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies: Occupancy 96 – 120; round tables & chairs


• Small Business Conference Room, Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies; Occupancy 22; Board room


• Classrooms; Shewmaker Center for Workforce Technologies

Occupancy: 30 – 60, table & chairs


Is there a charge for use of rooms?

• All groups using NWACC facilities are subject to the College’s room fee structure. See Attached.


How do I reserve a room?

Please contact the Special Events Coordinator by phone at 936-5172 or by e-mail at special.events@nwacc.edu.


Can my organization hold their weekly or monthly meetings at NWACC?

In an effort to make rooms available to numerous groups, weekly meetings are not permitted. Monthly meetings may be booked no more than 6 months in advance.


Can we use the NWACC logo in our promotional materials?

• Permission must be obtained from the Director of Marketing to use the College logo on any material. The College name and address may be used without special permission.


Can our group use the College name when advertising our event?

The College’s name and/or logo shall not appear in any advertising or promotional materials, without specific approval from the Director of Marketing or designee, except to indicate the location of the event.


Is presentation equipment available?

• Most rooms are equipped with LCD projectors, projection screens, computers, and white boards. The auditoriums are equipped with microphones. Flip chart stands,

overhead transparency projectors and some other equipment may be available upon request. Corporate groups will be charged an additional $25 per room for use of the equipment. Non-profit groups will be charged a $15 technology fee. Renters are responsible for providing their own markers, flip chart pads, etc.


Can we re-arrange the furniture in the room?

• NWACC would prefer that furniture arrangement be made by College personnel, and we encourage groups to clearly communicate their room needs at the time of their room booking. If, however, minor adjustments are needed, we expect that the meeting room renters will return the room to its original furniture configuration.


Can we decorate for our event?

Use of decorations, scenery, exhibits, banners, posters, bleachers, platforms, and any other equipment must receive prior approval from the SEC. No scenery, decorations, or combustible material may be brought onto College grounds without prior approval. Any device capable of producing an open flame, including candles, is prohibited.


Is food allowed in meeting rooms?

All food and beverages must be provided by our contracted Caterer, Aramark. Please contact Jackie Moore, Food Service Director at moore-jackie@aramark.com or by phone at 936-5186. Corporate groups will be charged an additional $25 custodial fee following catered events. Non-profit groups will charged a $15 custodial fee following catered events.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus. NWACC is a tobacco free campus.



Can our group post signs on campus regarding our event?

• No signs or other publicity materials will be permitted to be posted anywhere on campus without specific approval from the Special Events Coordinator. In the event any such sign is permitted, its prompt removal following the event will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Signs may not be affixed to any College sign, building or property. Please be aware that the City of Bentonville has specific guidelines pertaining to the use of signs and billboards. NWACC will require proof of permit for any such sign.



What happens if our event is scheduled during a time when the College is closed for inclement weather?

If NWACC Administration determines that the campus should be closed due to inclement weather, all events, either internal or external will be canceled. Announcements of decisions to close and/or open will normally be announced at approximately 5:30 a.m. for daytime activities and 2:00 p.m. for evening activities through the local radio/TV media and on the Student Information Line: 479-619-4377, the Staff Information Line: 479-619-4343, and on the College home page at wwwold.nwacc.edu.


Where can I view NWACC’s complete facilities use guidelines?

• The General Guidelines for Rental of College Facilities can be view on line by visiting w ww.nwacc.edu/__________________________



For questions/comments on this content, please contact special.events@nwacc.edu.