NWACC Official Logo & Use Policies

Please read before using the official college logo.

Guidelines for Using the College Logo

The NWACC logo will not be altered in any way. Treat the logo as a single graphic unit, and do not rearrange, compress, stretch, distort, or alter the logo.

Official Colors

The official print colors for the color logo are PMS Green 350 and PMS Tan 148. The logo contains a second PMS Green 350, which is 70% screened. Use dark or forest green if available when printing the logo in one color (other than black). The logo should be printed to a high quality standard. The logo should not be crowded by nearby text or graphics.


The PMS and Hexadecimal Color equivalencies are...


PMS 350                    HEX # 132C16           


PMS 350 @ 70%        HEX # 708B6F            


PMS 100                    HEX # FFFFDB

Where to Use the Logo

The logo should appear on all official college publications, in all promotional advertising, and on all printed communications that circulate off campus. This includes newspaper ads, brochures, posters, newsletters, stationery, business cards, other publications, Power Point presentations, video, web pages and CDs. The logo can also be applied to documents intended for use on campus by college staff.

The college logo is the only logo to be used to represent NWACC, its departments and programs.

History and Meaning of the Logo

The NWACC Board of Trustees adopted its new logo in July 2004. The purpose of having a logo is to present to our many publics a unique graphic symbol which projects a consistent and positive image of the college. The college logo includes the name of the college, the year it was founded, a star burst and an oak tree, representing learning. The name of the college is set in a modified Trajan Pro typeface, which is the official college font.

Who Can Use the Logo

Any individuals, organizations or other entities not affiliated with the college cannot use the logo without the permission of the NWACC Public Relations and Marketing Department. NWACC has all rights, title, and interest in the logo. NWACC is in the process of being trademarked, filed with the State of Arkansas.

For More Information

For more information related to the logo and the college graphic standards, or for assistance with creating publications, contact the Public Relations and Marketing Department.

Graphic Standards for NorthWest Arkansas Community College

NWACC has adopted a comprehensive graphic identity in order to create a high quality and consistent image of the college. Having a set of design standards also makes the production of new materials easier, faster and less costly. To ensure that publications are professionally designed, present clear and accurate information, contain correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, present a consistent image of the college, and follow college and federal guidelines, all display advertising and marketing publications intended for off-campus use will be approved prior to release by the NWACC Department of Public Relations and Marketing.


            Three typefaces are recommended for college publications: Trajan Pro, Minion Pro and a sans serif, such as Helvetica or Arial. These official college fonts are highly readable and work well together.


College Name

The name "NorthWest Arkansas Community College" was first used in 1989. Trustees purposely included the capital “W” as part of its corporate name in order to differentiate NWACC from (then called) North Arkansas Community College at Harrison. Use "NWACC" rather than "NorthWest” whenever a shortened name for the college is desired.


If you are needing a official NWACC logo please contact the Marketing department at marketing@nwacc.edu.