The President's Office

Mission Statement

NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a comprehensive, public two-year college that serves and strengthens the community through learning for living.

Adopted February 2001


  •  Lifelong Learning Opportunities consisting of classes and activities to meet the educational needs of individuals ranging in age from Kids' College participants to older adults with no upper age limit.
  •  Transfer Education consisting of course offerings to meet degree requirements at the associate degree and beyond.
  •  Developmental Education consisting of courses and tutorial assistance for basic skills, including reading, writing, and math. These courses may serve to prepare students for college level courses or to enhance these basic skills in the adult student.
  •  Technical Education to prepare citizens for careers, job promotions, and personal improvement.
  •  Community Service Education to meet the avocational interests of area citizens for their personal development.
  •  Workforce Development education and training for area business and industry. Employee training will be provided to serve company needs leading to greater success and company value enhancement.
  •  International Education consisting of curricular offerings and services to reflect our commitment to global educational needs.
  •  Diversity with encouragement for student enrollments and employee characteristics to reflect cultural diversity of the college community, insuring compliance with E.E.O. regulations.
  •  Quality Support Services to the college community, including financial services.
  •  Effective Stewardship of all assets as a key to providing quality programming, services, and outcomes, while continuing to press for equitable funding from state sources, and seeking to maximize corporate and private funding.
  •  Funding through due diligence in obtaining equitable funds at the 80% level of the highest funded two-year colleges in the state.
  •  Planning/Assessment activities by the Board of Trustees with assistance from the faculty and staff to chart NWACC's future and determine successful achievements of Board outcomes or ends.
  •  Certification using, in part, guidelines from North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. NWACC will meet criteria for an effective institution.
  •  Physical Plant that is accommodating, attractive and safe for students, employees and the general public.

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