1098-T Information

The NWACC Treasurer's Office mails Student Tax Information Letters (1098-Ts) to students by January 31st per IRS guidelines.

Be sure to have your current mailing address on file with the Student Records Office by December 31st of any given year to ensure prompt delivery of your 1098-T.

If you do not have a SSN or ITIN on file with the Student Records Office, or you need to report a name change, please bring either your Social Security Card or a completed W-9S form to the Student Records Office.

Privacy Act Notice

Section 6109 of the Internal Revenue Code requires you to give your correct SSN or ITIN (if you are not eligible to obtain an SSN) to persons who must file information returns with the IRS to report certain information. The IRS uses the numbers for identification purposes and to help verify the accuracy of your tax return.

NWACC must obtain your correct identifying number to file certain information returns with the IRS and to furnish Form 1098-T to you. This form contains information about qualified tuition and related expenses. The information about your tuition will help to determine whether you, or the person who can claim you as a dependent, may take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit to reduce federal income tax. Failure to furnish your correct SSN or ITIN may subject you to an IRS penalty.

SSNs and ITINs are maintained confidentially and used only for official business by NWACC.

Follow these instructions to print current or previous 1098-T's from EagleNet:

  1. Sign in to My NWACC Connection.
  2. Click Launch Pad on the left.
  3. Click EagleNet.
  4. Select the Treasurer's Tab.
  5. Click Tax Notification.
  6. Enter the tax year & click Submit.
  7. Print – if necessary.


NorthWest Arkansas Community College CANNOT give you tax advice. If you should have questions regarding qualified charges and payments, please consult your tax advisor or the IRS at 1-800-829-3676 or visit their website at www.irs.ustreas.gov.

For any questions or comments please e-mail the Treasurer's Web Author.