The Writing Center

Burns Hall 1003

The Writing Center is staffed by English Composition faculty
who work to assist students with their writing.
It is equipped with networked computers and printer.

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Basic Writing Skills

No workshops will be offered during the summer sessions.

 Academic Writing Skills

No workshops will be offered during the summer sessions.

Bentonville Campus

Face-to-Face Consultation 

Students may drop in to the NWACC Writing Center for a review of their work. See the Center's hours on the menu
at upper left.

E-Mail Consultation

If a student cannot visit the Center during open hours, s/he may complete and submit a review request form at this web link. On the form, please identify specific concerns for the consultant to address, and include a copy of the assignment if possible. The document should be sent as an attachment in .rtf or .doc or .docx  format. The submitted form will go directly to the Writing Center online consultant. Students will receive a response within forty-eight hours or two business days.


The Writing Center offers workshops on various topics throughout the semester. One series is on basic writing skills, while an additional series focuses on academic writing skills. These are open to all students, staff, and faculty. Students who attend eight or more sessions of the basic skills and/or academic writing workshops will receive a recognition stamp of attendance on their transcripts.


The Writing Center at NWACC is an integral part of the composition program. Writing Center faculty offer their expertise to respond to writers individually during the writing process. We strive to develop in the writer the ability to recognize good writing, utilize research techniques, and avoid plagiarism in his/her writing.
Our instructors will read and respond to writing, offer suggestions for improving one's draft, and encourage all to become better writers.

Our instructors will not proofread or “fix” writing, write papers for students, or tell a student what grade a paper should receive.

For more information, questions, or to comment on this website, please contact
Lorraine Bach, Writing Center Director.