English for Bilingual Students

ENGB 0026 Combined Skills Level I

This level one combined skills course is specifically designed to meet the needs of bilingual students whose first or familial language is not English. While students may exhibit intermediate to advanced speaking skills, placement scores at this level indicate a need to work on basic academic English skills. This combined skills course will cover the first level of grammar, writing, and reading. Completion of this course with a "C" or better will allow entry into ENGB 0063 and ENGB 0033.

Prerequisites: appropriated COMPASS test scores or approval of ENGB coordinator.



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For More Information about ENGB and other services that are available for non native speakers contact:


Gloria Pierce Mallow
ENGB Coordinator/Instructor
479.936.5163 Phone


Ed Rogers
ENGB Enrollment Specialist/Instructor
479.619.3130 Phone


For any questions or comments please e-mail at engb@nwacc.edu