Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development

Stribling Sustainability Institute

WELCOME!  The SSI is in a planning phase and seeking community input on education for sustainability.  Please send us your suggestions!

wind turbines and blue sky

Integrity, Transparency & Accountability
Foresight and Agility
Conservation and Preservation
Whole-Systems Thinking
Collaboration and Diversity
Education and Community
Continuous Improvement and Creativity
Expanded Responsibility and Systems of Valuation


The Stribling Sustainability Institute connects individuals with the education and training they need to understand and operationalize principles of sustainability in their lives, work, and communities.


Sustainability refers to a way of thinking, living and doing business that can meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Sustainability is not a new profession; it is a way of thinking that is part of every profession.  Because a punctuated-evolution toward sustainability will impact, challenge, and connect all areas of our society and economy, we serve and connect an intentionally broad base of life-long learners in to variety of pathways toward sustainability.  We encourage, model, and teach whole-systems thinking, transparency, conservation, foresight, and agility. We provide employees with practical training that will help them bring efficiencies and sustainable solutions to their workplace.  We inspire students and connect divisions within NWACC by offering experiential learning opportunities and courses designed to illustrate the collaboration and systemic thinking required to generate and implement sustainable solutions in the 21st century.