Performing & Visual Arts

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Department Chair
Steve Cooper
BH 2112


Carol Cooper Subject Coordinator BH 1112 631-8628
Stephanie Lewis Instructor/Art Club Advisor BH 1115 986-6710
Eric Smith Instructor/Art Club Advisor BH 1114 619-4263Webpage
Darney WillisInstructorBH 1146 619-4262Webpage

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Andes Suzanne Jones
Margaret Correll Joann Lacey
Ben EdwardsAlan Petersen
Dayna EndersonWendy Staten
Sean FitzgibbonDeborah Terry
Cheri HoltSteven Wise


Graphic Design

Victor Chalfant Program Coordinator BH 1153 619-4288

Mary Beth Haas
InstructorBH 2303

Adjunct Faculty

Alexandria Ferguson
Sean Fitzgibbon
Mark Popejoy
Daniel Snow


Department Website

Steve Cooper Subject Coordinator BH 2112619-4261Webpage
Miles Fish InstructorBH 2113619-2237Webpage Webpage

Adjunct Faculty

David FountainLeland Long
Freda GoodmanJo Ann Schwader
Ben HarrisKara Story
Seon-Young ImMarjorie Taggart
Kerry JohnstonEmily Young


Department Website

Rebecca O'Reilly Instructor of Dance BH 1117




Communication & Cinematic Studies

Department Website

Susan Holmes InstructorJTC 209 419-9233 
Tina Jones InstructorBH 1119619-4323Webpage
Mary Moore InstructorBH 1111 619-4228 
Marc Turner Subject Coordinator - Communication BH 1107 619-4126 


Adjunct Faculty

Celia AndersonAlex Liles
Wayne BellErik Roebuck
Deven ChambersSteve Voyak
Jeremiah Dubbs 




Theater Department Website

Ashley Edwards Subject Coordinator
BH 2309619-2295 
Mary Moore InstructorBH 1111 619-4228 


Adjunct Faculty

Bryce Kemph
Tony Terrell

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