Geared toward motivated and intellectually gifted students who want more out of their education, the NWACC Honors Program offers a curriculum of small, challenging classes, sponsors special events, provides experiential learning activities and travel opportunities. Honors Program students form cohort groups as they take classes, study, and work side by side on class and service projects. Program members have access to a study lounge on the first floor of Burns Hall and are eligible to apply for annual, member-only scholarships. Honors Program students become some of the most engaged, connected, and successful students on campus;  they are future nurses and history professors, scientists and English teachers, PhD's and business leaders.

Join the NWACC Honors Program and prepare to  ENGAGE. COMMIT. TRANSFORM.

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Fall 2014 Honors Courses:

CRN      Subject   Course #  Sec.  Cred.       Title                                       Day/Time                Instructor

11049     ENGL     1013H     05H    3      Composition I Honors                    MW 9-10:15 AM     Jones, Jacqueline S.

11068     ENGL     1013H     35H    3      Composition I Honors                   TR 9-10:15 AM       Jackson, Jeffrey C.

11172     ENGL      2213H     01H    3     Survey World Lit to 1650 Honors   MW 10:30-11:45 AM    Chesne, Sabrina

11961     HIST        1033H      3H    3      World Civ to 1500 Honors              MW  12-1:15 PM       Gallo, Sevin

11984     HIST        2003H    10H    3      History of the Amer Peo to 1877 Honors    TR  12-1:15 PM    Brown, April

11765     HUMN     1003H     03H    3     Intro to Gender Studies, Humanities        F  9-11:45 AM    Bolinder, Megan

11788     PHIL        2033H       01H   3       World Religions Honors                     MW 1:30-2:45 PM        Krueger, Doug

11926    PLSC       2033H    15H    3         Amer. Nat'l Government Honors           TR 1:30-2:45 PM          Tobler, Judith

12052     PSYC      2003H    13H    3        General Psychology Honors              TR  10:30-11:45 AM      Slavik, Deirdre


Note:  If you are a student who is already well into your program of study or are in a program with strict course requirements and are unable to fulfill Honors Program requirements, you may still enroll in Honors courses. Students who have a 3.5 GPA or who scored a 90 or higher in the reading portion of the COMPASS are encouraged to enroll in Honors courses.  Students who do not meet the above criteria, but excel in a particular subject area are encouraged to sign up for a course within that area.  We're inclusive!