As Amended Spring, 2013
Senate Meetings
Section 1.01.   Monthly Meetings.    There shall be monthly meetings of the Faculty Senate of Northwest Arkansas Community College (“NWACC”) during the spring and fall semesters which shall be held on such date, time and place as may be fixed from time to time by the President and Secretary of the Senate upon proper notice as hereinafter provided.
Section 1.02. Special Meetings.        Special meetings of the Senate may be called at any time by the President or by at least six (6) Senators executing a written request for a special meeting to the President. Special meetings shall be held at such time and place as designated by the President or his/her designee. No business may be transacted at any such meeting of the Senate other than that specifically provided for in the notice of meeting.
Section 1.03. Organization. The President shall preside and the Secretary, or in his/her absence any Assistant Secretary appointed by the President, shall act as secretary at all meetings of the Senate. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at the meeting. If none of the aforementioned officers are present, or if any such position should be vacant, the Senate through majority vote may designate a Senator to preside over such meeting and perform the duties required therein. In the absence of the Secretary or Assistant Secretary, the person presiding over the meeting shall designate a Senator to act as secretary of the meeting.
Section 1.04. Nature of Business at Meetings. (a) No business may be transacted at any monthly or special Faculty Senate meeting other than business that is either (1) specified in the notice of meeting (or any supplement thereto) given by or at the direction of the President (or any duly appointed Senator for that purpose); (2) otherwise properly brought before the meeting by or at the direction of a Senator or any duly authorized committee thereof; or (3) otherwise properly brought before the meeting of the Senate by any Member of the Faculty as that term is defined in the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of NWACC (“the NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution”).
No business shall be conducted at a meeting of the Senate except business brought in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Section 1.04; provided, however, that once business has been properly brought under this Section, nothing in this section shall be deemed to preclude discussion by any Senator of any business reasonably related to the business that was noticed. If the officer or person presiding over the meeting determines that business is being discussed or proposed that has not been properly noticed under this Section 1.04, that person shall so declare to the Senators, at which point no formal action may be taken with respect to such business until proper notice has been made absent a majority vote of the Senators to waive notice.
Section 1.05. Order of Business and Time of Meetings.  The order and conduct of business at a meeting of Senators shall be determined by the person presiding over the meeting who shall also have the power to adjourn the meeting to another place, date and time upon motion duly made, seconded and approved by a majority vote of the Senators then in attendance. The Senate may, by majority vote, prepare rules and guidelines for the conduct of their meetings. Meetings shall continue for two (2) hours only starting from the announced beginning time of the meeting regardless of any actual start time. Extensions of this time deadline may only be authorized through a majority vote of the Senate prior to the meeting deadline, and each extension may be for fifteen (15) minutes only. A quorum for any vote taken during such an extension shall be a majority of those Senators voting for said extension.
Section 1.06. Action by Consent in Writing. Any action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Senate may be taken without a meeting if all members of the Senate shall consent thereto in writing, and the writing or writings shall be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Senate.
Section 1.07. Attendance by Telephone or Proxy. Senators may participate in any regular or special meeting of the Senate by telephone conference, Skype, or similar communication equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting are able to hear each other. Alternatively, a Senator may appear at any noticed meeting through written proxy delivered to any other Senator describing therein the extent of the voting authority of the holder of said proxy. Any written proxies must be copied to the President or Chairperson prior to the opening of the meeting and shall be read into the record to confirm a quorum and voting authority.
Section 1.08. Quorum. A quorum for the purpose of voting on business at any given meeting (other than an extension of a meeting as provided in Section 1.05 above) shall be a majority of the Senators then duly elected or appointed appearing in person, through electronic device or by proxy as provided above. 
Section 2.01. General Authorization. The NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution has authorized the Faculty Senate to establish such ad-hoc committees as it sees fit from time to time and may further provide rules, regulation and direction as required to such committees to allow same to perform the purpose for which they have been established.
Section 2.02. Recurrent Committees. The following ad-hoc committees shall be considered recurrent committees to be staffed annually upon election of Senators as provided under the NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution:
2.02(1)             Communications: This committee shall be staffed by at least three (3) Members (as defined in the NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution). The Chairperson shall coordinate with the Secretary to make sure that Minutes of all Senate meetings, legislation, resolutions and any other business that may be transacted from time to time is distributed within fourteen (14) days of the date of the event to all Members when appropriate or directed to do so by the President, Vice President or Secretary.
2.02(2)           Student Services:   This committee shall be staffed by at least three (3) Members. The Chairperson shall coordinate with the Student Services at NWACC, and shall act as liaison for the Senate for all concerns addressed by the student body or its representatives. The Chairperson of the Student Services committee shall be charged with reporting directly to the Senate at each monthly meeting, or as directed, on the status of student relations and concerns.
2.02(3)             Faculty/Senate Promotion: This committee shall be staffed by at least three (3) Members. The Chairperson shall coordinate with the administrative NWACC staff to have a representative of the committee present at all new faculty orientations for the purpose of explaining and promoting the Faculty Senate. The Chairperson shall also endeavor to have a Senate representative available to speak at each semester’s division meeting for the various divisions at NWACC to provide promotion and encouragement of participation in the Senate by Faculty Members. Finally, the Chairperson shall represent, or appoint a representative, to attend any request by a Stakeholder, the President, Vice President, or any Senator or Member to promote or support the Faculty at any private or public meeting subject to reasonable notice, time and travel constraints.
2.02(4)             Elections: This committee shall be staffed by at least four (4) Members. The Chairperson shall be the Vice President and include one (1) adjunct Senator, one (1) associate Senator, and one (1) Division Senator. The Vice President shall appoint the Members. 
2.02(4)(a)        Division of Elections: The Election Committee shall conduct the election of Senate members in two (2) separate elections. The first election shall be called the “General Election” and shall be a vote for all Senators and officers except “Division Senators.” The second election shall be called the Division Election and shall be for Division Senators only.
2.02(4)(b)        Nominations: The Election Committee shall actively seek nominations from all full time and adjunct Members for all positions other than Division Senators. Only Members teaching within a Division are eligible to run for a Division Senator position and then only for the Division they serve within. The Senate has prepared and approved job descriptions for the President and Vice President. The Election Committee shall provide said job descriptions to any candidate seeking that position prior to his or her acceptance of the nomination.
2.02(4)(c)        Time for Elections: The General Election should be held prior to the beginning of Spring Break in each spring semester, and the Divisional Election should be held no later than the second week in April of each spring semester. Solicitation of nominees for each election should commence as of the first business day in February of each Spring semester and Members will be notified of a date certain within which to nominate Members for each position.
2.02(4)(d)        Conducting Each Election: After confirming a nominee’s eligibility for a particular position for which he or she has been nominated, the Election Committee will notify the nominee and obtain the nominee’s consent. Once nominations have closed and consent is obtained, the election will be scheduled and notices sent out to all Members eligible to vote. Voting for the General Election shall not exceed seven (7) days in length. Voting may be electronic, by count of hand or voice in person, or through secret written ballot when requested by a Member. Once votes have been tallied and verified, the results shall be announced to the then existing Faculty Senate and all Members. The total number of votes cast and number cast for each candidate shall be made available to any Member upon request.
2.02(4)(e)        New Senators: All newly elected Senators should make every effort to attend the last Faculty Senate meeting in the spring semester before taking their positions in the Faculty Senate in the fall semester so as to orient themselves to the new position, meet existing Senators, and familiarize themselves with the duties and responsibilities that come with their election to the position. Notice of that meeting to all newly elected Senators shall contain a reference to the requirements of this Section 2.02(4)(e) of the Bylaws.
Section 2.03.   Standing Committees Identified: The current Standing Committees are identified as follows:
1.                  Faculty Evaluation/Student Evaluation;
2.                  Faculty Handbook and Policies and Procedures Concerning Faculty;
3.                  Academic Standards;
4.                  Curriculum;
5.                  Sabbatical and Emeritus Criteria and Screening;
6.                  Faculty Enrichment Initiatives; and
7.                  Student Learning Assessment.
This list may be expanded or amended from time to time by the Senate upon resolution and as provided for in the NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution.
Special Provisions for Officers
Section 3.01. Allocations of Time: The duties and responsibilities of the President and Vice President are acknowledged and agreed to be substantial by the President at NWACC. Each position has therefore been allocated the following waiver of course requirements: for President, six (6) load hours per semester; and for Vice President, three (3) load hours per semester. Inasmuch as the Faculty Senate depends on both positions to be fully active and involved in Senate affairs, any Member elected to either position must reduce his or her workload in the allotted amounts to insure full and complete compliance with the job requirements for each position. 
General Provisions
Section 4.01. Offices. The principal executive office of the Senate shall be located at such place within or without the State of Arkansas as the Senate from time to time so designates. 
Section 4.02. Reports to Members and Stakeholders. The Senate shall have the authority to require the submission of regular reports of operations of the Senate to its Members and to Stakeholders as the Senate shall consider necessary. 
.           Section 4.03. Waiver of Notice. Whenever notice shall be required to be given by these Bylaws or by the NWACC Faculty Senate Constitution, a written waiver thereof, signed by the person or persons entitled to said notice, whether before or after the time stated therein, shall be deemed equivalent to notice.
Section 4.04. Facsimile Signatures. In addition to the provisions for use of facsimile signatures elsewhere specifically authorized in these Bylaws, facsimile signatures of any officer or Senator may be used whenever and as authorized by the Senate or a Committee thereof. 
Section 5.01. Amendments. These Bylaws, and any portion thereof, may be amended, altered and/or repealed, and new Bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of the Members or the Senate at any regular or special meeting duly noticed for that purpose. Any amendment to these Bylaws passed by a majority vote of the Members may not be repealed or revised by the Senate without a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Faculty Senate. 
            I, ______________________, the duly elected Secretary of the Faculty Senate for NWACC during the 2013 term do hereby declare and certify that the foregoing Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of Northwest Arkansas Community College, as amended in 2013, was duly approved by at least a majority vote of either the Faculty or the Senate through general election held pursuant to its terms.


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