Institutional Research

Mission Statement

Through the Office of Institutional Research, we strive to provide quality, timely, useful and user-friendly information and analysis services to support college and departmental planning, decision-making, and accreditation activities on campus, while also coordinating and maintaining reporting requirements for external agencies and organizations.

Fall at NWACC

We are committed to:

  • Excellence in office operations
  • Integrity in data generation
  • Confidentiality for appropriate student and staff information
  • Collegiality in working relations
  • Accountability to safeguard institutional data

We offer the following services and information ~

Contact Information ~

Lisa Anderson, Director, Institutional Research - 479-619-2227

Kim Purdy, Program Manager - 479-619-4399

Rachel Parks, Program Specialist - 479-619-4339

For questions/comments on this content, please contact Kim Purdy.