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Course Reserves

What are course reserves?

How do I submit a course reserve?

Do I need copyright permission to place items on reserve?

Can I create online links directly to articles?

What do I need to know about Library-owned reserve items?

Can I place personal items on reserve?

What happens to my reserves at the end of the semester?

Can an instructor or staff member check out another instructor's reserve?

What are course reserves?

The Library's Course Reserves service allows faculty and instructors to make recommended or required course materials in a variety of formats available to their students.

These materials are held at the Circulation Desk with limited checkout times to allow all students in a particular course to share the materials equitably.

How do I submit a reserve request?
  • Fill out the Course Reserve Request Form and send the item (if it's a personal item) via inter-campus mail to Janelle Weaver at NWACC Library.
  • Submit reserve requests before the semester begins to ensure materials can be procured and processed as needed before the assignment begins. (A copy of the course syllabus would also be helpful.) When pre-semester arrangements are not practical, please allow at least 48 hours advance notice for adequate processing time. 
  • Photocopied material, such as journal articles or book chapters, must include a complete citation, which will appear on the first page of the reserve document. Photocopied material cannot be processed until the citation is submitted because of copyright compliance concerns.
  • For material requiring copyright permission, a copy of the permission letter is required. A sample permission request letter is available here.
  • Student work, such as papers, to be placed on reserve must be accompanied by a signed release letter.
Do I need copyright permission to place items on reserve?

The course reserves service operates in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. Educational use of copyrighted material is protected under the provisions for fair use.  However, fair use has its limitations. In some instances, permission from the copyright holder may be needed for items to be placed on reserve.  For more information about copyright and fair use, visit

  • Instructors are asked to accept full responsibility for complying with the provisions of the Copyright Revision Act of 1976.
  • Book chapters and articles from journals not owned by the Library or instructor physically or through subscription database access may not be placed on reserve for more than one semester without permission from the copyright holder. 
  • Items obtained through interlibrary loan may not be placed on reserve. 
  • No copyright permission is needed for exams, quizzes, or lecture notes written by the instructor.
  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to obtain copyright permission and pay all applicable fees. A sample permission request letter is available here.
  • If there isn't time to request written permission from the publisher, try Copyright Clearance Center. They quickly do all the work for a fee.
Can I create direct online links to the Library's subscription database content, such as journal articles, streaming videos, and ebooks?

To increase student accessibility, post articles from Library databases or other online resources on Blackboard or faculty websites. For assistance using persistent links to subscription database journal articles or other content, Ask Us.

What do I need to know about Library-owned reserve items?
  • Library-owned reserves designated as Library-use only may not be removed from the Library except by the instructor who placed them on reserve. 
  • In certain instances, it is not possible to purchase a second Library-owned copy of a DVD for faculty use.  In these cases, the DVD in question may only be designated as a reserve for 2 weeks.
  • Material not designated by the Library as Library-use only can be given a checkout period of 2 to 7 days.
  • When requests are received early, Library staff can create bibliographies of movies or books owned by the Library on a particular topic. Offering alternative choices, rather than having an entire class share a reserve item, ensures equitable access to materials. For more information about annotated bibliographies, please Ask Us.
Can I place personal items on reserve?
  • Instructors may submit their own supplementary learning materials, such as books, journals, videos, specimens, or other items to be placed on reserve. 
  • Be aware that you may need to arrange for a copy of your class's textbook to be held on reserve if the bookstore's supply runs short.
  • Checkout limits for these materials will be set at the instructor's discretion (i.e., 2-hour in-house; 2-day; 7-day). 
  • An adhesive barcode and spine label will be added to the item when placed on reserve. Library staff will remove stickers and labels and return the item to the instructor at semester's end unless otherwise designated.  
  • The Library cannot replace lost personal items or repair personal items damaged by users.
What happens to my reserves at the end of the semester?

Unless otherwise specified on the Course Reserve Request Form, the reserve designation will be removed from the item(s) and:

  • Most Library-owned items will be returned to the circulating shelves based on the Library's collection development policy.
  • Photocopied material may be returned to you to secure copyright permission.
  • Instructor-owned items will be returned to you by personal delivery to your department, office or departmental secretary.
Can an instructor check out another instructor's reserve?

It is the Library's goal to ensure that reserve materials are available to students when they need them. Therefore, materials placed on reserve cannot be checked out by another instructor or staff member until the reserve designation is removed.

However, please check the Library catalog or ask a staff member about access since another copy may be available for checkout. When instructors submit reserve requests early, the Library may have an opportunity to purchase more copies.