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We provide a number of multimedia resources and services for current faculty and staff. Instructors and employees needing additional technology in the classroom or for use at a professional conference can borrow tablets, laptops, projectors, audio-visual carts, and other circulating equipment from the Library. Contact Bo Darde or Joel Tonyan to take advantage of these resources and services. Bo also offers troubleshooting assistance for any of the Library’s equipment, and can assist you in filming an on-campus event or presentation. If you would like individual or departmental training on any of the library's circulating equipment, contact Joel Tonyan.


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Technology Assistance
Are you having trouble viewing a movie or using a computer in your classroom?
Bo Darde offers limited troubleshooting assistance with multimedia and computer equipment on the main NWACC campus. Contact Bo if you need basic assistance with technology in your classroom. He also provides troubleshooting assistance and training for any of the circulating equipment available through the Library. For networking problems and other more serious equipment issues, contact the college's Information Technology Services department.

Video Recording
Are you organizing or participating in an on-campus event that you would like captured to video? Bo Darde can film the event for you and record it to DVD or upload it to a streaming video service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Contact Bo Darde prior to the event to check whether he is available to film it for you. If you would prefer to film it yourself, the Library has video cameras and tripods available for current faculty and staff.

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Circulating equipment is available to faculty and staff on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reservations or holds are permitted. NWACC faculty and staff may check out any of the items below for a period of 7 days, no renewals. Faculty and staff must review and sign the Equipment Check-Out Agreement Form before being permitted to borrow equipment from the Library.

Faculty members may authorize students to use any of the following pieces of equipment for academic projects by filling out the Student Equipment Need Form. With faculty permission, students may check out equipment for a period of 24 hours to complete an academic project.
Students need to return the signed form to Bo Darde or Joel Tonyan.

View a complete list of equipment available for faculty members on our Multimedia Equipment Research Guide.