Tuition and Fees

college should not break the bank

We are proud to offer our students one of the most affordable options for achieving their higher education goals.
An Associate degree consists of about 60 credit hours. The cost per credit hour depends on where you live.
In-District refers to someone living within the Bentonville/Rogers school district. Out of District or Contiguous refers to someone living in Arkansas, but not within the Bentonville/Rogers school district. Contiguous also includes those living in one of the following counties: Adair and Delaware counties in Oklahoma, and Barry and McDonald counties in Missouri.

Estimated Tuition and Fees based on the number of hours attended:

Tuition & Fees Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 School Year (assessed per credit hour)

Fee Structure
Out-of-District Out-of-State
Tuition (per credit hour)$75.00$122.50$125.00$175.00
Tuition Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant Programs*** (per credit hour)$100.00$147.50$147.50$200.00
Fees Per Semester    
Infrastructure Fee - Fall & Spring Term$55.00$55.00$55.00$55.00
Infrastructure Fee - Summer Term$22.50$22.50$22.50$22.50
Fees Per Credit Hour    
Learning Support Fee$10.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
Technology Fee$12.25$12.25$12.25$12.25
Security Fee$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
Library Resource Fee$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
Facility Maintenance Fee$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
Some fees apply to specific courses:
Science Lab Fee$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00
Business Lab Fee$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00
Distance Learning Fee$43.00$43.00$43.00$43.00
Hybrid Learning Fee$22.00$22.00$22.00$22.00
Culinary Program Fee$150.00$150.00$150.00$150.00
Health Professions Lab Fee$60.00$60.00$60.00$60.00
Health Professions Tech Fee (per credit hour)$15.00$15.00$15.00$15.00

* Residents of Bentonville and Rogers School Districts, as determined by the NWACC Records Office.
** A $15.00 per Credit Hour International Fee also Applies
*** Differential Tuition only applies to courses taken once a student is accepted into the program.

Financial Aid is available for eligible students. More information can be found here.

Billing Schedule

Students will receive notification at their NWACC email address when new statements are available online through TouchNet eServices.

Payment Due Date

Full payment of registered tuition and fees must be made by published payment due dates.  After payment due date, all tuition and fees are payable in full at time of registration. NWACC reserves the right to cancel registration for non-payment. Please check the Academic Calendar for scheduled payment due dates.

Students must have financial aid posted to their account, a payment plan established, or their account paid in full to avoid having their registration cancelled.

It is the student's responsibility to drop classes prior to the start of the semester to avoid liability. Please do not assume that non-payment guarantees you will automatically be dropped from classes.

Registrations through certain periods may not receive a bill before payment due dates.

Payment Due Dates for the 2016–2017 Academic Year:

Summer 2016 I May 24, 2016

Fall 2016 I August 16, 2016

Spring 2017 I January, 10, 2017

Summer 2017 I May 23, 2017

Payment Methods

We accept cash, check, certified funds, and all major credit cards.
Payment Plans are available online.

Third Party Payee:

If a third party (employer or a government agency) will be paying tuition and fees on behalf of a student directly to NWACC, a letter of authorization to invoice the employer or agency must be received in the Treasurer's Office by the student's published payment due date. Any part of the tuition and fees not covered by the third party must also be paid by the published payment due date. The Treasurer's Office must have a letter of authorization to invoice the employer or agency for each semester. Note: An individual may not be invoiced as a third party.

The letter of authorization to invoice should contain the following:

  ·   Student's name
  ·   Student's social security number or student ID number
  ·   Third party name and address (letterhead is sufficient)
  ·   Detail of covered expenses (tuition, fees, etc.) Maximum dollar amount
  ·   Semester covered by third party

If the letter of authorization is not received by the published payment due date, the student will be responsible for the balance in full. Any charges not approved or paid by the third party will be placed back onto the student's account, as all charges are the responsibility of the student.

W9 Form

For more information, send a message to our Third Party Accountants.


Golden Age Waiver

Waiver forms are available online or at the Treasurer's Office located on the second floor of the Becky Paneitz Student Center.

If you are an Arkansas resident, are 60 years of age or older and show proper proof of age, and meet admission requirements, you are eligible to have your tuition and general student fees waived. This waiver is limited to credit courses on a space-available basis. The "Golden-Age Waiver" form must be completed each semester and turned in to the Treasurer's Office prior to registering for classes. Students taking advantage of the waiver are allowed to register three business days prior to the start of the term. This waiver does not cover textbooks, class supplies, or course-related fees.

In-District Teacher Waiver

Waiver forms are available at the Treasurer's Office located on the second floor of the Becky Paneitz Student Center.

Tuition only will be waived for students who are currently employed as full-time Arkansas certified teachers in the Bentonville or Rogers School districts. This waiver is limited to credit courses. The "In-District Teacher Waiver" form must be completed each semester and turned in to the Treasurer's Office along with a verification letter from the School District or a copy of the current contract by the published payment due date.

Employee Waiver

This Waiver is for NWACC Employees Only. Employee waiver forms are available online. The "Employee Waiver" form must be submitted each semester by the published payment due date. The Human Resources Office will verify qualifying employees & their spouse/dependent(s).

Returned Checks

If a check made payable to the college is returned by a student's bank for any reason, their records will be placed on "HOLD" and the student will be charged a returned check fee of $25 for each returned check.

The NWACC Treasurer's Office will notify the student by phone and by letter if a check is returned on a student account. Their records will remain on "HOLD" until the student pays the amount of the returned-check plus the $25 returned check fee with either: cash, cashier's check, money order, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. If payment is not made to the college within 10 business days, the matter may be referred to the Benton County Prosecutor's Office. If a student has more than one check returned, the college will refuse to accept checks from them.