Listed below are several technology tools for faculty to be aware of in case of a voluntary or mandatory dispersion of students or faculty. Faculty are urged to work with students who may have a severe illness and consider accommodations on a case-by-case basis

NOTE:  Most of these suggestions are not intended for classes that already use one of the online systems [such as Blackboard], but rather for classroom-based courses that need to remain functioning for a short time in an unusual circumstance.

1.  NWACC Email

All NWACC students have an email account provided by the college.  This can be both an effective communication tool and a vehicle by which students can submit assignments and receive feedback.  Due to FERPA requirements, student grades should never be sent to any non-NWACC email addresses. 

If you plan to use NWACC email during an “emergency” situation, communicate with your students beforehand to make sure all your students know how to access and use it, and let them know that this will be your communication avenue in case of a class disruption. 

You may also wish to create an Outlook contact distribution list.  Please see the PDF document HERE for instructions on how to do this.

2.  Blackboard Access

All courses at NWACC have access to the Blackboard learning management system, which will be used as part of the College's business continuation plan in the event of an emergency.

A PDF tutorial on using Blackboard can be found HERE

3.  Other tools

There are many other ways to remain in touch with students outside of class if needed:

  • Faculty can find out how to access the messages left on an NWACC office phone.  Call Faculty Tech Support for information – 479-619-4357
  • Blogging, tweeting, wiki, a Facebook group, etc.  There are many tutorials available on the internet for these tools.  Just remember that most of these are not secure or private, and you must be aware of FERPA compliance in their use.