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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising Questions

Will my advisor contact me?
Our Academic Advisors are here to provide academic and educational guidance. However, it is your responsibility to contact your advisor with any questions and/or concerns. Your Academic Advisor may periodically reach out to you with important information regarding registration or your academic progress or degree plan. However, you should feel free to contact your advisor any time. We are here to help!
How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor?
To schedule an advising appointment with your academic, please follow these steps available at this location.
How should I prepare for my advising appointment?

In preparation for your advising appointment, here are a few things you need to do to prepare:

  1. Schedule your appointment in advance. At peak times of the year (such as April, November, or during the summer months) it may be difficult to get an appointment with your academic advisor at a moment's notice. 

  2. Prepare a selection of courses and print your degree plan. Include those courses that you'd like to take and/or think you may need for your degree or transfer plan.

Degree plans are located here.

  1. For students intending to transfer after NWACC, familiarize yourself with the program/major requirements and/or admissions requirements for the school you plan on transferring to. Visit their website to obtain a list of courses that they require. This will help you and your advisor choose the most appropriate classes for your education.

Visit our Transfer Center webpage for more information.

  1. Come with a list of questions and concerns written down. This will help you get the most out of your appointment and help us address your needs effectively.

  2. And finally, show up early or on-time for your advising appointment. Remember to call to cancel or reschedule your appointment well in advance if you are unable to make it. This will allow another student to take your appointment time.

Where are the advisors located?
Academic Advising is available both at our Main Bentonville Campus (2nd floor Student Center) and at our Washington County Center (WCC) location in Springdale. Advising is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please visit SuccessPlanner within myNWACC Connection (see above).

Degree Requirement Questions

How many credits (hours) are required for my degree?
NWACC offers several different types of Associate Degrees. Generally, 60-63 credit hours are required for the majority of our Associate's degrees. The number of credit hours required is based on the degree plan that you declare and follow. The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees require a minimum of 60 credit hours. Please refer to the College Catalog which details degree requirements, including the number of credit hours required for completion.

Further advanced degrees (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees) require additional hours. Please visit with your transfer institution for these details.

What is the best way to check my degree progress?
The best way to check your degree progress is to request a Degree Audit.

Students may run a comprehensive "Degree Audit" - a computer-generated report online within their myNWACC Connection that enables students to view their academic progress and view unfulfilled degree requirements – including what courses they still need for their declared degree.

Full info can be found here .

Why weren't some of my credits from my other school accepted?
Your previous college/university official transcript(s) are reviewed based on accreditation and transferability into NWACC. Therefore some credits may or may not be transferable.

Please refer to the "Transfer Credit" section on the Student Records webpage for more information and review the Transfer Equivalency Guide.


Grading and Course Performance Questions

Can I retake courses for a better grade?
Sometimes a student may wish to repeat a course for greater knowledge of a subject or for an improved grade. When a student repeats the same course, the highest grade earned is computed in the refigured cumulative grade point average. The initial course grade remains on the transcript along with the new grade.
What is Academic Clemency?
Academic clemency is an available option for students who were previously enrolled at NWACC and did not perform well. When a student's petition is approved for academy clemency, their previously earned grades and credits from NWACC are removed from the calculation of their cumulative grade point average (although they remain on the transcript). In order to be eligible to petition for academic clemency, students must meet specific guidelines.
What is a GPA and how is it calculated?
GPA stands for the grade point average while you are enrolled in school. Your GPA is calculated based on a four point scale. To calculate your GPA, please review page 28 in the College Catalog.
What should I do when I am having trouble in class?
It is crucial that you communicate with your instructor to share your concerns, and learn all your options, about your academic progress in their class. You can look up your instructor's contact information using the Faculty/Staff Directory.

If you continue to have trouble in the class, it is important that you schedule an advising appointment with your an Academic Advisor to discuss additional options such as withdrawing.

I have been sick and have missed a lot of classes. Now I cannot catch up. Is there anything I can do?
You should contact your instructor to explain your circumstance and to discuss what options are available to you. These options vary by instructor.

If you do decide to withdraw from a course, it is very important that if you are using financial aid, that you check with our Financial Aid office first to get a clear understanding of how withdrawing may potentially affect your financial aid award.

I am not doing well in a class and it is past the drop deadline, is there anything I can do?
You should contact your instructor to explain your circumstance and to discuss what options are available to you.

Students with extenuating circumstance may petition through a "Late Withdrawal Appeal" in the event that they missed the final withdraw deadline of the semester. Please contact your the Office of Student Records or your Academic Advisor for questions regarding Late Withdrawal Appeals.

What is academic probation and/or suspension?

All NWACC students are expected to make satisfactory academic progress in all the classes they take. Students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA or higher while enrolled.

Please review the academic probation and suspension policies listed in the College Catalog or on our webpage. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you still have questions after reviewing the academic policies.


Major, Degrees, and Career Questions

What degrees does NWACC offer?
NWACC offers over 40 degrees and certificates in diverse fields such as business, computer information, criminal justice, nursing, and many more. We also offer the Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) for students wishing to start at NWACC and then transfer to complete a bachelor's degree.

For more information on the different types of degrees we offer, please visit our Advising and Planning page.

You may also view additional details in theCollege Catalog.

How can I change/update my major?
It is recommended that you contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your questions and/or concerns with changing your major first.

To change your major/degree program, visit the Student Records' webpage.

Please note: It is the students responsibility to notify their advisor and the College in the event that they change their degree/major.

I need help selecting a major, degree, or career. What should I do?
Sometimes, choosing a degree or career path can be challenging - but our staff is here to help. Your academic advisor will be happy to help you begin the exploration process and we recommend that students start exploring their options early.

You may also want to visit Career Development Center for advice on majors and careers.

Can I pursue two degrees at the same time?

While it is strongly recommended that you focus on the requirements for one degree at a time, it is possible that students can complete two degrees at the same time.

Classes taken for one degree may be applied to another degree depending on the requirements for each.

It is important that you communicate your educational goals to your Academic Advisor so they can help you plan the appropriate courses for the degrees. Additionally, students should research if their degrees are financial aid approved if they plan to use financial aid assistance. NWACC's Office of Financial Aid can provide this information.

I am trying to determine my career options? (or, I don't know what to do with my life! Help!)?
NWACC offers the Kuder Journey Career Assessment to help students explore degree and career options. This tool can be very helpful in exploring your educational options.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that students contact the Career Center for available resources for additional career exploration. Please review the Student Resources available on the Career Development Center's webpage:

Where is the Career Center located?
The Career Center is located on the second floor of the Student Center (SC) building, located on the main Bentonville campus.

Registration Questions

How can I drop/add a class from my schedule?

It is very important that you check the Academic Calendar for important registration and withdraw deadlines to ensure that you can register or withdraw from a class prior to any deadline.

The registration steps, including information on adding and dropping courses, are available here.

To drop the class:

  1. You will log into your MyNWACC Connection account and click on the "Registration" link.
  2. Click on the "Register/Add/Drop Classes" link.
  3. Select the current semester/term that you are currently enrolled in.
  4. You will see the list of your registered classes. There will be a drop down box for which you can select the "Drop" option.
  5. Then press "Submit Changes" and it will show that you have dropped your class successfully. Please always check your class schedule to ensure that the class is no longer listed.
I have a hold on my account, preventing me from adding or dropping a course. How can I get my hold removed?
There are several types of account holds that may impact your ability to self-register for classes, request a transcript, and apply for graduation. If you have an academic hold then you will need to contact an Academic Advisor to discuss the details of this hold and what steps need to be taken in order to have it removed off your account.

For any other administrative holds, it is important that you contact Student Records or your Academic Advisor to determine the details of the hold so you can take steps with the appropriate office to take to resolve the hold.

What is the hold on my account and why do I have the hold?
The various types of holds and reasons why you have the hold include:

Cashier's hold for outstanding balance due on your student financial account. You will need to contact the Treasurer's office to address this.

Library hold for books/media checked out that are past due. Please contact the library staff. Their contact information is (479) 619-4244 or

Administrative holds for incomplete high school transcripts, shot records, Conditional Admissions, and G.P.A. academic progress. Please contact the Student Records or the Advising Center for instructions on how to get the holds removed.

Student Records: (479) 986-4000

Advising Center: (479) 986-4008

Active holds on your account will prevent you from being able to drop or add any class during the semester, register for classes for the following semesters, obtain a transcript or other academic record, and/or receive a diploma or certificate.

Am I allowed to take classes at another school?
Yes, you may be dually-enrolled and taking classes at another school while being a NWACC student. However, due to federal aid regulation you MAY NOT receive financial aid at both schools. If you are unsure of whether you should be dually enrolled, please check with the Admissions and Financial Aid offices at the school that you wish to be also enrolled at and/or with your NWACC Academic Advisor.

Graduation Questions

How do I apply for graduation?
Students are eligible to apply for graduation once they have met and completed the necessary credit hours based on their degree plan. Students must have completed at least 15 credit hours from NWACC to receive an associate degree or technical certificate. Students must have completed at least 7 credit hours from NWACC to receive a certificate of proficiency. Additionally, students must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. by the time of graduation.

The graduation application is available on the Student Records webpage for which it can be completed and turn into Student Records for processing.


Technology Questions

I can't access myNWACC Connection student account. What do I do?
If you've forgotten your username and/or password or are experiencing difficulties logging into your myNWACC Connection, please contact our Student Technology Help Desk at (479) 619-4376 or (479) 619-4357.

Other Questions

What and where are the NWACC campus locations?
NWACC has various campus buildings and satellite locations throughout northwest Arkansas. Please refer to the Locations Page for details.
I have a learning disability. Can NWACC provide assistance for me?
Please contact NWACC's Disability Resources Center for information and assistance regarding any accommodations related to disabilities. Their contact information is:

Bentonville location: Student Center room 114; (479) 986-4076;

Washington County Center (WCC) location: WCC Learner Services area, 122B

My question is not listed above, what do I do?
You may contact us via email or call us at (479) 986-4008.