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Advising Forms and Resources

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student & an academic advisor. Not sure how academic advising works? This document is a good starting point.

The College Catalog contains answers to almost any questions you may have (including academic and Student Services policies). It also has information on every Degree and Certificate program offered at NWACC, along with detailed decriptions for all courses offered. This is a great place to start exploring the courses you are interested in taking. 

Are you undecided on a major, but still plan on transferring to earn a "four-year" bachelors degree? There are basic courses that all students who plan to earn a bachelor degree must complete regardless of major - these are called general education courses. This guide provides a list of general education courses that are "highly transferrable" into the majority of bachelors degrees. See your advisor for more info.

This fill-able Excel course planning worksheet is designed to help you develop a tentative class schedule for your upcoming semesters. This is a great tool to use when planning next semester's classes. Remember to always discuss your future course selections with your academic advisor to ensure that your they count toward your degree/certificate requirements.

A printable PDF version is available here.

Submit this form to Student Records or the Admissions and Advising Office to change your major. All students are highly encouraged to meet with an advisor when changing their major to ensure they are on the right path toward their goals.

Student Records are protected by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). Students must explicitly grant all third parties access to their educational information by completing this form and Submitting it to Student Records. Full information can be found here.

You may seek a Course Substitution if you feel you have taken a similar class to meet a course requirement. If, after reviewing your degree evaluation, you find a class not being used toward a specific requirement and believe it should be, you may petition the course requirement by submitting this form. For questions, contact Student Records at (479) 619-4398.

If you need assistance with online registration, follow this link for step by step instructions to register for classes through your myNWACC Connection.