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Meet Our Advisors

Important: Depending on your major or degree you may be required to meet with one of our Academic Program Advisors. Please keep reading!

Who is my Advisor?

NWACC has General Academic Advisors as well as Academic Program Advisors. Students in certain majors/degree are required to see their Academic Program Advisor for advising.

Academic Program Advisors

Students in the following degrees should make an appointment with their Academic Program Advisor.

  • Associate of Arts (with 25+ credit/hours)

  • Agriculture, Food, and Life Science

  • Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (AS-LAS Non-STEM) with 25+ hours

  • Business Degrees

  • Pre-Engineering and Engineering degrees

  • Computer Information and Computer Aided Drafting

  • Culinary and Food Studies

  • Environmental and Funeral Science (AAS)

  • Electronics Technology (AAS)

  • Graphic Design

  • Health Professions (Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Respiratory Therapy, EMT, Fire Science, HIM, etc)

  • Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veternarian, Pre-Pharmacy

General Advisors

If you are not seeking one of the above degrees, you are free to see any of the below general academic advisors in either our Bentonville or Washington County Locations.

All students are encouraged to seek regular advising assistance. Please contact the Admissions and Advising Center at (and provide your ID number) if you are still unsure of whom your advisor is.


Photo of Meredith Autrey
Meredith Autrey
General Academic Advisor
  • NWACC Degrees not listed above on this this page
  • Undecided students
  • Concurrent High-School Students (more information available here)
Welcome to Advising! I have been working for NWACC for over two years. My Bachelors of Science Degree is from the University of Arkansas. I enjoy meeting students and helping them however I can. My husband and I have been married over 25 years and enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors. We have two daughters, one in college and one in high school. (Plus two dogs).
Photo of Paul Kirkpatrick
Paul Kirkpatrick
General Academic Advisor
  • NWACC Degrees not listed above on this this page
  • Undecided students
  • Students seeking Associate of General Studies (AGS)
Paul Kirkpatrick has been working in academic advising since 1985. Until coming to NWACC he primarily worked with student-athletes serving as Director of Academic Support and Assistant Athletic Director for Student Life and Academic Support at the University of Arkansas for 20 years. He also served as Academic Coordinator at the University of Nevada, Reno during 1991 and 1992. He has extensive graduate work in Higher Education with an emphasis on Student Services. Paul also served on active duty in the United States Army as a Rotary Wing Aviator achieving the rank of Captain. Currently Paul works with Students who are working on an Associate of Science, are Undecided or Non-Degree seeking, and students who are working on an Associate of General Studies.
Photo of Mandy Eppley
Mandy Eppley
General Academic Advisor
  • NWACC Degrees not listed above on this this page
  • Undecided students
Hello! Welcome to NWACC advising site! I am very excited to be a new addition to the advising team! I would love to help you with any issues/concerns/questions you may have about your academic career. My passion is making sure EVERY student is able to fulfill their academic and career goals! If I don't have the answers to your questions I will keep digging until I find it! I recently relocated from a small town in Kentucky with my husband and two children to the Bentonville area. Before my move to NWACC I was with Eastern Kentucky University for 15 years. I was fortunate to spend 9 years with EKU working in the IT/Training/Online Learning areas. I then discovered my passion of empowering students in any capacity, which led to the past 5 years of building and directing a national award winning online/brick and mortar student success program. I received both my Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science degrees from EKU. I am an avid Disney fan and love having fun with my family and two rescue dogs. Please feel free to drop by and chat about fun stuff to do in the Bentonville area!
Photo of Johnathon Paape
Johnathon Paape

General Academic Advisor

  • NWACC Degrees not listed above on this page
  • Students participating workforce Trade Adjustment Assistance programs

Hello! I have worked in Higher Education for almost 5 years, but before that, I actually worked as a professional musician, both teaching and performing. I love jazz, classical, and good old Rock n' Roll. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Music from the University of Arkansas, then later went back to complete my Master's degree in Higher Education. I have worked for the past four years in Financial Aid and am excited for my transition to the advising side of Student Services! While I will handle some general advising duties, I will also be advising students in the Governor's Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, which assists dislocated workers in getting training towards a new career. When I am not working, I am usually either hiking, playing video games (a nerd, I know), or out playing music somewhere. I am looking forward to helping all of my students reach their academic and career goals!

Photo of Austin Schader
Austin Schader
Washington County Center (WCC) Advising
General Academic Advisor
  • Advising all degrees and certificates seeking students in Washington County
  • Students seeking Associate of General Studies (AGS)

Welcome to NWACC! I have worked at NWACC for about 7 years. I started my NWACC career as a work-study and quickly moved on to a part-time employee in the Testing Center. I was hired as the Advising Center Administrative Center in 2010 and that is where I honed my advising skills. I also worked for the Office of the Dean of Students and spent about 2 years working with Dean Dale Montgomery. I was able to learn a lot about student success, student conduct, and student support in the Dean of Students Office. I returned to the Advising Center in May of 2014 and became the Academic Advisor at the Washington County Center in October. I have an Associate of General Studies from NWACC, graduated with my Bachelors of Art in History from Columbia College in 2014. I will begin the journey to a Master's of Science in College Student Personnel Service from Arkansas State this fall. NWACC is hands down the best place I have ever worked! My wife and mother-in-law both work in Student Services, so NWACC is like one big family to me! When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and relaxing. I look forward to helping you during your educational journey!

Photo of Justin Schulte
Justin Schulte
General Academic Advisor
General Academic Advisor
  • NWACC Degrees not listed above on this page
  • Undecided students

Hello and welcome to the advising site! I am a recent transplant from Kentucky and very excited to be a part of the NWACC team! I have worked with students at the middle school, high school, or college level for the past seven years. I received a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science Teaching and a Master of Arts in Student Personnel Services from Eastern Kentucky University. During my undergraduate work, I realized my passion was working with college students and helping them develop the skills necessary to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. As the first person in my family to attend college, I know that some things can be overwhelming to tackle alone. That's where I come in! I have worked as a tutor, peer mentor, science teacher, and most recently with the Student Success Center at Eastern Kentucky University. I live with my two beautiful cats, Mozart and Ellie; my lion lop rabbit, Luna; and some fish. In my spare time I enjoy many indoor activities like reading, cooking, singing with my cats, and (especially!) playing board games.