Honors Courses

Honors Classes Offered Spring 2018

21385  ENGL1023HComposition IIMegan LooneyMon/Wed9:00-10:15BH 2239
21406ENGL2233HSurvey of World Lit from 1650 Megan LooneyMon/Wed10:30-11:45BH 2239
21386ENGL1023HComposition IIAshleigh DavisMon/Wed12:00-1:15BH 1004
21847HUMN1003HExploring the HumanitiesCindy KingMon/Wed1:30-2:45BH 2239
21790BOTY1614HPlant Biology Kurtis CecilMon/Wed1:30-4:20BH 1402
21180COMM1003HPublic Speaking Marc TurnerMon/Wed3:00-4:15BH 2239
21957ART2113HPainting IIDarney WillisMon/Wed3:00-5:45BH 1021
21387ENGL1023HComposition IIJim LaughtonTue/Thu9:00-10:15BH 2239
21458ARHS1003HArt AppreciationWendy StatenTues/Thurs12:00 - 1:15BH 1152
21854DRAM1003HIntro to TheatreAshley EdwardsTue/Thu10:30-11:45BH 1030
21665HIST0133HHist of American People since 1877 Chris HuggardTue/Thu12:00-1:15BH 2239
21637HIST1043HWorld Civilization from 1500 Sevin GalloTue/Thu1:30-2:45BWTR 132
21135PHIL2033HWorld ReligionsDoug KruegerTue/Thu1:30-2:45BH 2239
21827GEOL1114HGeneral GeologyDiane PhillipsTue/Thu12:00-2:50BH 2454
21388ENGL1023HComposition IIBethany FitzpatrickWWWN/AWWW
21227SOCI2013HGeneral SociologyJanet DoddWWWN/AWWW
21729MUSI1003HMusic AppreciationSteve CooperWWWN/AWWW



HONR 2903H       Special Topics, Honors - Community & Leadership (Spring)

Communication and Arts

ART 1003H       Art Appreciation, Honors (Spring)
ART 20113H       PaintingI, Honors (Spring)
ENGL 1013H       Composition I, Honors (Fall, Online in Fall)
ENGL 1023H       Composition II, Honors (Fall, Spring, Online in Spring)
ENGL 2213H       Survey of World Lit. to 1650, Honors (Fall)
ENGL 2223H       Survey of World Lit. From 1650, Honors (Spring)

COMM 1303H     Public Speaking, Honors (Spring)
HUMN 1003H      Exploring the Humanities, Honors (Spring)
HUMN 2003H      Intro to Gender Studies, Honors (Fall)
MUSI 1003H        Music Appreciation, Honors (Fall)
THTR 1003H      Intro to Theatre, Honors (Fall, Spring)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

HIST 1033H       World Civ to 1500, Honors (Fall)
HIST 1043H       World Civ From 1500, Honors (Spring)
HIST 2003H       History of the American People to 1877, Honors (Fall)
HIST 2013H       History of the American People since 1877, Honors (Spring)
PHIL 2003H       Intro to Philosophy, Honors (Fall)
PHIL 2033H       World Religions, Honors (Spring)
PLSC 2003H      Amer. Nat'l Government, Honors (Fall)
PSYC 2003H     General Psychology, Honors (Fall)
SOCI 2013H      General Sociology, Honors (Spring)


ASTR 2004H      Survey of the Universe, Honors (Fall)
BIOL 1544H       Principles of Biology I, Honors (Fall)
BOTY 1614H     Plant Biology, Honors (Spring)
GEOL 1114H      General Geology, Honors (Spring)
PHYS 2014H     College Physics I, Honors (On Demand)

Honors classes stimulate higher level thinking by offering unique perspectives that will enhance general knowledge and challenge students to consider and appreciate different viewpoints. Because subject matter is studied more in-depth, students find that they get more out of their honors classes. 
You do not have to be a member of the Honors Program to enroll in an Honors course.  However, we recommend that you have a minimum 3.5 GPA or excel in the subject matter of the particular course in which you plan to enroll.