Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an application deadline?
Applications are accepted year-round.
I'm already in my second semester at NWACC. Is it too late to join?
Depending upon what courses you have left to take and how much time you plan to stay at NWACC, you may be able to squeeze in your 12 credit hours of honors. Honors recommends taking no more than two-three honors courses each semester.
If I am an Honors Program member, do I have to sign up for an honors class every semester?
No. You must complete 12 credit hours, but there is no set path to completing those 12 hours. Program members are encouraged to take at least one honors course per semester to stay on track.
What if make lower than a B in an honors course?
The course will not count toward your 12 hour honors requirement. It will count toward your degree, however. You must earn a B or higher in an honors class for it to count toward your 12 hours.
Are honors courses offered online or at night?
We currently offer ENGL 1013H and 1023H online, with the intention of offering a wider variety of online options in the future. We do not currently offer honors classes at night.
By joining the Program, will I receive a scholarship?
You are eligible to apply for an Honors Program scholarship, but you are not guaranteed a scholarship by becoming a member of the Program. Keep in mind that being a member of the Honors Program will help strengthen your resume or CV, thus giving you a better chance of obtaining other scholarships at NWACC and after transferring to a four-year institution.
Do I receive any perks for being a member?
Membership gives you access to the Honors Study Lounge with computers and printers, a big screen tv, and comfortable furniture to work, play, or relax between classes. Students are also kept up-to-date about important on and off-campus events and opportunities for internships and scholarships. Students in the Program often form a cohort group that provides a support network - something very important to students at a commuter campus. Honors students are NWACC's cream of the crop! As such, some students are asked to represent the college at events, which provides networking opportunities. Over the past six years, the distinguished graduate, who gave a speech at commencement representing the entire student body, has also been an Honors Program graduate.
Do I have to be a member of the Honors Program to take an honors class?
No. If you do not meet the GPA requirements to join the program, but excel in a particular subject area, you are encouraged to sign up for an honors course within that subject area.
I like the idea of joining the Program, but I may transfer before earning a degree. What should I do?
Join anyway! Being a member of the Program looks good on scholarship applications and cover letters. Though we think it is in your best interest to earn a degree at NWACC, it is not a prerequisite. This goes for pre-Nursing students too!

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