Membership Benefits


Scholarships are available to members of the Honors Program. Intended to offset the costs of tuition and books, Honors Program Scholarships are competitive and are awarded annually. Application deadlines are usually the first week of April in the Spring semester. The NWACC Honors Program also works closely with the Honors Programs of many regional four-year institutions, some of which offer transfer scholarships to NWACC Honors Program Graduates.

Honors Study Lounge

Members of the Honors Program have access to an exclusive study lounge. Located in the main entrance hallway in Burns Hall, room 2237, the study lounge is equipped with a computer station and a larger lounge area with couches, a refrigerator, and other amenities.  The lounge provides a quiet place to study as well as a place to hang out and get to know other program members.

Priority Registration

Honors Program members are able to register before other students to ensure they get the classes they want.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Honors Program students are introduced to special speakers and cultural events, have opportunities for educational travel experiences, internships, and to participate in community based projects, like EMPACTS. Honors students take the lead in Service-Learning Projects each semester, which provides experience in leadership, public speaking, team-building, and community service. Honors students also have the opportunity to take a humanities-based leadership course offered on demand.

Challenging Curriculum

Honors classes are intended to stimulate higher level thinking by offering unique perspectives that will enhance general knowledge and challenge students to consider and appreciate different viewpoints. Because subject matter is studied more in-depth, honors students find that they get more out of their honors classes.  The Honors Program promotes a learning community environment by linking courses and participating in themed semester projects.


The Honors Program Director and honors faculty are eager to assist all Honors Program students in identifying and selecting an educational path to success at NWACC and beyond. Many of our courses fulfill general education requirements for most majors.


Students receive credit for honors coursework and for being an "Honors Program Graduate" on their transcripts. Additionally, graduates are recognized at the annual Academic Awards Ceremony where they are presented with a medallion to be worn at graduation, and are recognized in the graduation program.  Participation helps strengthen your resume or vitae and makes you more attractive to an employer, college, and scholarship committee. Students will also receive a letter of recognition acknowledging their success and commitment to the program. Participation in the program helps strengthen a resume or vitae, making students attractive to an employer, a college, or scholarship committee.

Sense of Community

The Honors Program is a community of students and faculty committed to excellence. Students find that they make life-long friendships with other honors students. Honors students also find that they have a family-like support group made up of their peers and the honors faculty, who are some of the best faculty on campus.

Small Class Size

All NWACC classes are smaller than freshmen and sophomore classes at other local institutions of higher learning. Honors classes are limited to 15 students to promote interaction, individualized attention, and community.

Opportunities for Travel

The Honors Program arranges travel opportunities for its students. Students enrolled in the History of the American West Honors, History of the American People to 1877 Honors, and American National Government Honors classes have traveled domestically to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico during the summer. Additionally, honors students have participated in international travel through EF Tours to Greece and Italy.