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NWACC Fitness Center

 fitness center

What we offer *

  • Machine and Free weights
  • Kettle balls
  • Aroebics Machines
  • Personal trainer can be arranged

Locker facilities are located on the second floor of Burns Hall in the men's and women's restrooms at the west end of the building.

* Financial Aid can be applied towards membership fees.  You must see the Treasurer's office to complete the form and request to apply membership fees towards financial aid.

Personal Trainer

Have you have ever wanted to change your physical appearance or wanted to ensure that you remain healthy as you age? There has never been a better opportunity to learn how to take charge of your health and fitness than what we are offering here at NWACC in 2016!

I will teach you everything you will ever need to know about diet and exercise. This will give you the power to make a permanent lifestyle change that you will be proud that you did for the rest of your life!

I have been in the industry almost 10 years now. I have two degrees and two prominent certifications related to the field and I am a competitive bodybuilder.

Let me help you make big changes!

For look, for health, for life

Ross Jackson











  • Grab a friend and take advantage of groups rates
  • Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
  • Call, text, or email to schedule a time today!
  • 30 for privates sessions
  • 20 per person for groups of two
  • 15 per person for groups of three
  • 12.0 per person for groups of four

Ross Jackson
Personal Trainer
Serving Northwest Arkansas



Student membership options
1 year - $74, t-shirt included
Fall and Spring semester - $39 each semester
Summer - $25

Prorated Semester Membership Plan:

16 Weeks $39.99
15 Wks. $37.50
14 Wks. $35.00
13 Wks. $32.50
12 Wks.  $30.00
11 Wks. $27.50
10 Wks. $25.00
9 Wks. $22.50
8 Wks. $20.00
7 Wks. $17.50
6 Wks. $15.00
5 Wks.  $12.50
4 Wks.  $10.00 
3 Wks.  $7.50
2 Wks. $5.00
1 Wk. $2.50