Workforce Alliance for Growth
in the Economy - WAGE™

Fast Facts

  • WAGE™ is a job readiness training program conducted by the Adult Education Division of Arkansas Department of Career Education that is no charge to students of employers.
  • WAGE™ offers 6 state issued certificates. the certificates are "stackable". Once a student earns Employability they can add to it with additional checklist.
    • Employability
    • Clerical
    • Industrial
    • Customer Service I
    • Customer Service II
    • Bank Teller
  • NWACC Adult Education is partnered with many of the local businesses, industries and agencies, which consider the WAGE certificate when hiring employees or give current employees employer selected considerations.
  • Student steps to earning a WAGE Employability Certificate
    • TABE test score of 9.0 or above
    • Computer Literacy education with computer modules
    • Job Readiness Education with computer modules equaling 15 hours or above
    • Resume
    • Register with the Department of Workforce Services (if not employed) WAGE Assessment on computer.
  • WAGE is Adult Education Instructor guided with a student's personal check-list to track achievements.
  • WAGE graduates will be placed on an applicant list for local WAGE employers which are ‘Partners in Education' to consider for employment.
  • The WAGE Certificate is a great addition to any resume.