Distance Learning Student Resources


Quick Link to this page: http://tiny.cc/onlinehelp

Blackboard and NWACC Email Direct Login

Please bookmark these pages for future use: Blackboard Direct Login and NWACC Email.

Academic Resources

Many of our departments provide online services for students. Go to Academic Resources to see the current list with links to get you connected to them.

Blackboard Boot Camps

Every semester the Blackboard Boot Camp is available to assist students with using Blackboard. There is an in-person version hosted in Bentonville and Washington County, and a self-guided version is also available.

Available Online Courses

The list of Available Online Courses is located on our prospective student pages. This list is all the online courses offered, not necessarily the courses available in a particular semester.

Technical Support

Technical Support is provided by the Student Technology Help Desk (Tier 1) and Distance Learning (Tier 2). Please use the Browser Checker before contacting them.

What to do if there are Blackboard System Problems

Be Prepared!

Despite our best efforts to maintain system reliability, technology sometimes fails and you should be prepared in advance.

1. Always keep a backup copy of everything you submit online in case of technology problems, either with your computer or with Blackboard. It is a good idea to type longer discussion postings into a document first, save it, and then paste it into the discussion area.

2. Make sure your NWACC email is working, and check it regularly. If there is a major problem with Blackboard, notification will be sent you via NWACC email to let you know what is happening.

3. If you have assignments due or other concerns, contact your instructor immediately via NWACC email, and watch your NWACC email for updates from your instructor. They will inform you about any adjustments that may be necessary in your course.

Please be assured that in event of a system emergency, we will be doing everything we can to restore service to normal as quickly as possible.