Job Description for Associate Faculty

NorthWest Arkansas Community College considers part-time faculty as full-time professionals who happen to be teaching only part-time. Therefore, just as is the case of the full-time faculty member, when an individual accepts an associate faculty position at NorthWest Arkansas Community College, he/she also accepts responsibilities and obligations as a professional educator.
Under the supervision of the appropriate Division Dean or Department Chair, each associate instructor has as his/her chief duty the instruction of assigned classes. This duty takes precedence over all others. Each associate instructor should make every effort to be present and on time for each assigned class meeting, and prepared for that class to the best of his/her ability.
Other than their teaching obligations, associate instructors should assume responsibilities as assigned by their supervisors or the Vice President for Learning and abide by the applicable sections of the Faculty Handbook. Above all, the associate instructor must be committed to the community college concept philosophy, and specifically, to the goals and objectives of NorthWest Arkansas Community College.
Associate faculty may not teach over 20 semester hours during a given academic year.