Contact Information

Placement/NWACC Tests479.619.4354
Non-NWACC Tests479.986.4078


Center Hours



WED & THURS 8:30am–5:30pm


Last placement test is started at 5:00 pm each day.  All NWACC tests (if allowed by instructor) have two hours past closing time to be completed.  All non-NWACC tests need to see the listing above for their allowable seating times.


Cover sheet information

NWACC faculty who would like to have a student test in the Testing Center must submit a coversheet to the Testing Center. Please include any testing materials that may be needed when your coversheet is submitted.

  • Coversheet must be filled out completely.  Tests will not be administered if we do not have a coversheet.  When you are filling out your coversheet, please provide a phone number in which we can actually reach you.  It does not help us, you or your students if there is an issue late in the evening or on Saturday and all we have is your office phone number.  The students never see the coversheet and we will NOT give out the number you have listed.  If you are giving the same test to several students or an entire class, please fill out one coversheet and attach a roster to the coversheet.

    Click here for fillable document.
    Click here for fillable pdf.


  • Check your NWACC email for a specific DRC coversheet the second/third week of classes. All students who go through the DRC office must have their own coversheet. If you have any questions about those please contact Amy Robertson-Gann.


  • The Testing Center will not print tests or answer packets. If you cannot deliver hard copies of these items, please contact your department's administrative assistant for directions on emailing them your documents so they may print them and deliver the tests for you.  Please email the coversheet and roster to the person who is doing your print job for you as well. This ensures that a complete packet is placed in the Testing Center. It would also be helpful if the instructors name was at the top of the first page of the test.


  • Online classes may submit a coversheet and roster through email when the test is completely computer based.  The Testing Center requests that you provide a paper copy of your test for emergency use should we have technical difficulties and/or cannot contact you with in 15 min of becoming aware of your student's testing issue. This  copy will be used for emergencies only.


  • Face to Face class instructors must have prior approval from the director or assistant director before sending an entire class to the Testing Center.  The tests for these situations must be available for the students to take over 4 - 5 business days.  The Testing Center does not block off seats for entire classes nor do we send staff members to your classroom to proctor.


  • Students are not allowed to turn in other work (notebooks, study guides, etc) to the Testing Center. 
    Please direct them to turn the work in to you or your department's administrative assistant.


  • All students must have an appointment and a photo id to take a test.  Students must schedule their own appointment online. We cannot schedule for them. Please also remind them that it is very difficult to get an appointment at certain times of the semester so it is advisable that they schedule in advance.
    We cannot guarantee same day appointments.  Students can schedule a time to begin a test Monday –Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm and Friday 9:00am – 11:00am.  They have at least two hours after the last appointment time to complete their test.    Use our online scheduler to make an appointment.


  • Online instructors in need of alternative certified testing centers, please see the NCTA webpage.


If you or your students have any questions, please feel free to email us
or call 479.619.4354.