Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I get started?
To get started at NWACC, you must first complete an online application.
Please visit to start your enrollment process.

Please contact the Admissions and Advising Center at (479) 986-4000 if you have additional questions about the admission process.

I've already submitted my High School or College Transcripts. How do I check to make sure those were received and reviewed?
Please contact Student Records at (479) 986-4000 or to check if they have received or reviewed your transcript(s).
Is Orientation required for all students?
Currently, only degree or certificate seeking first-time college students are required to complete Orientation. However, any student is welcome to attend Orientation to obtain important information on starting at NWACC. For information about Orientation, please visit

A full Orientation FAQ with additional answers can be found here.


Curriculum Questions

What degree programs are offered at NWACC?
Northwest Arkansas Community College offers many different degrees to help you obtain your educational and career goals. Below is a description of each type if degree we offer (each type is available in several academic concentrations).

Associate of Arts (AA) - The Associate of Arts is a transfer degree that comprises the general education program in the liberal arts. Courses taken in the approved core curriculum will also apply toward baccalaureate degree requirements at most four-year institutions.

Associate of Science (AS) - The Associate of Science Degree is a transfer degree designed for the student who wishes to major in engineering, agriculture, or the sciences. The requirements for these majors are usually heavily loaded with mathematics and science courses. Courses taken in the approved core curriculum will also apply toward baccalaureate degree requirements at most four-year institutions.

Associate of Arts Teaching Degree (AAT) The Associate of Arts-Teaching Degree is a transfer degree designed for the student who wishes to major in education. Courses taken in the approved core curriculum will also apply toward baccalaureate degree requirements at most four-year institutions.

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS) - The Associate of Applied Science degrees are designed for students seeking to have concentrated training in a chosen career area to enter the workforce directly after graduation. These two-year degrees are offered in many different career areas.

Certificates - One to two semesters of concentrated training in a specific career area.

A full list of degree plans offered at NWACC, detailed information on related career opportunities, and degree requirements are available at

I am a Veteran. How do I take advantage of my veteran's benefits or obtain additional assistance related to my veteran's status?
Our College welcomes our Veterans and is proud to connect you to our Veteran Resources Center. Please visit for additional Veteran's specific information.

Placement Score (ACT or Accuplacer) Questions

How do I take the Accuplacer test?
No appointment is necessary to take the Accuplacer Placement exam. For more information on the Accuplacer exam, please visit

When you arrive to take your test, please arrive 15 minutes early and check in at the Office of Student Records on the Second Floor of the Becky Peneitz Student Center (located on the Main Bentonville Campus). Please make sure you also bring a Photo ID.

What is the difference between the Accuplacer and the ACT?
The Accuplacer test is administered through NWACC. The test covers reading, writing, and math assessment. The ACT tests for reading, English (writing portion optional), math, and science and is administered nationally. Both are acceptable for college level placement. Please note that if you score below 18 on the math portion of the Accuplacer you will be required to take the Accuplacer math portion for accurate course placement.
Does NWACC accept SAT scores? If so, what is the minimum?
NWACC accepts SAT Math and English scores for placement.
For Math, students must score a minimum of 500 for College Algebra, 560 for Trigonometry, and 660 for Calculus I. For English, students must score a minimum of 480 for English Composition I.
Do I need to take the ACT or Accuplacer placement exam before starting classes at NWACC?
Students who have not yet completed both a college level Math (ex. College Algebra) and English course (English Composition I) are required to submit ACT or Accuplacer placement scores.

You may take the Accuplacer exam at the NWACC Testing Center.
No appointment is necessary and the cost is $10.


Application Questions

I submitted my application for admission, but I haven't received my acceptance email yet.
Please note that it can take up to 3-5 business days to process your application once it has been submitted.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email notification at the email address that you listed on you application for admission. If you have not received an email notification after 5 days, please ensure that you have checked your email spam folder in case your email provider mistakenly misfiled the email.

If after 5 business days you have not received an acceptance email or cannot located your acceptance email, please contact the Office of Student Records at 479-986-4000 (Bentonville Campus) or 479-927-3330 (Washington County Center).

Please note that applicants with felony history may experience a delay in their application processing time (applicants with felony histories may experience a processing time of up to 2 weeks).


Concurrent Questions

I am a high school student interested in taking college courses while still in High School. Where do I start?
A student specially admitted under concurrent enrollment status is one who is currently enrolled in high school (grades 9-12) and also enrolled in college credit courses on the NWACC campus.

For more information on becoming a concurrent student, please visit

For additional information on NWACC's Concurrent program, please contact

What are the differences between NWACC's Early College Experience, Tech Prep, and On-Campus Concurrent Program?
The differences between the on-campus concurrent program, Early College Experience, and Tech Prep options are as follows:

  • On-campus concurrent program: High school students take the college classes on either the Bentonville or Washington County campuses.
  • Early College Experience: High school students take college credit classes offered at their high school. The Early College Experience also offers career and technical prep certificate programs in which high school students can earn a certificate upon completion of the designated courses.
  • Tech Prep: High school students can take certain technical courses offered through their high school and receive college credit at NWACC for those classes based upon meeting eligibility requirements and the Tech Prep articulation agreements with the high schools.
  • For more information, click here.


    Location Questions

    What and where are the NWACC campus locations?
    NWACC has campuses and satellite locations throughout Northwest Arkansas - including our Main Campus in Bentonville, NWACC at The Jones Center, our Washington County Center in Springdale, the Farmington Center in Farmington, as well as the convenience of Online Learning. For more details, visit our Locations page.

    Payment and Scholarship Questions

    How much is tuition?
    Full information on our tuition and fees is available at the Treasurer's Office or in the College Catalog.
    What payment, scholarship and financial aid options are available to me as an NWACC student?
    All students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid using the FAFSA application to determine eligibility for federal financial aid assistance.

    NWACC also offers numerous need-based and academic achievement-based scholarships.

    Students can also set-up payment plans using cash, check, and/or credit card.