Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn English in order to become a student?
Yes. You must meet the minimum English requirements laid out with the English Verification Check Form.
Why should I go to a community college?
NWACC offers a more cost effective education whereas the tuition rates are lower and the class sizes are smaller so you can receive more time with each professor.
What is a community college?
A community college is a nonresidential junior college offering associate level degrees and college credit.
Do I need to complete any U.S. standardized testing?
Yes. You must complete the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer Test prior to enrolling in classes.
When should I arrive in NorthWest Arkansas?
We require students to arrive at least 7 days before the start of your first semester. However, you are allowed to come into the United States at least 37 days before classes begin.
How do I find out what Degree's NWACC offers?
You may research all of our degrees that are offered.
Does NWACC offer Scholarships to international students?
Yes, most of our scholarship are eligible for all students, including international students. These are supplemental scholarship that can assist in paying, but will not cover all of your education while attending. You may email to inquire further.
Am I required to have health insurance?
Yes, if you plan to attend as an NWACC sponsored J or F visa holder then you must purchase insurance thru our college before each semester's enrollment cycle begins.
Does this college have on-campus housing?
No, we do not have on-campus housing, but we have provided several options on our International Programs web page in establishing housing in Northwest Arkansas.
Since this college doesn't have on-campus housing, how do I get to class?
NWACC has partnered with Ozark Regional Transit to assist NWACC students in riding to campus. It is free of charge with an NWACC ID.
Do I have to attend Orientation before the semester starts?
Yes, all new International students on an NWACC sponsored J or F visa must attend on-campus Orientation before they begin coursework.
I have a hold and can't enroll. Why?
You may view the reason of this code on your "My NWACC Connection" or email to inquire further.
Do I need to see an advisor before enrolling?
All new students must see an advisor before enrolling their first semester. After your first semester, it depends on your degree if you need to continue these meetings. It is strongly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor before enrollment every semester.
Do I have to pay my Health Insurance before I register? Why can't I pay it all at once?
NWACC must verify that all International students on sponsorship are covered for medical insurance before registration is allowed. Enrollment in a U.S. College with proper medical health insurance coverage is against U.S. Law.
Why must I take ENGC courses as a new student?
ENGC are English courses that assist with the development of the English language and U.S. culture. We have found over many years that students completing these courses grant a much higher chance of success, higher grade point averages, and graduation rates than those who didn't take it.
What is a GPA?
This is an acronym, which stands for "Grade Point Average". This is a method that the U.S. Education system uses in order to verify capabilities and understanding of material already taught to a student.
Can my family attend the commencement ceremony?
Yes, if you family wishes to enter the country to watch the graduation ceremony then please contact at least 6 months before in order to setup a B Visa for the family members.
How do I transfer to or from this college?
In order to transfer here or away, you must always obtain an Acceptance Letter and Transfer Form from the college you desire to attend in the future. Please provide that to and we can assist in facilitating the move.
Where do I transfer to in order to complete a Bachelor's Degree?
We have several partnerships with 4-year institutions that NWACC students transfer to in the interest of continuing their education. Please work with International Programs in conjunction with the Coordinator of Transfer & Transition Services to get assistance with the transfer process.
Can I work while in school?
You may work 20 hours or less on NWACC campus during your education if you are on an NWACC sponsored F-1 Student Visa. You may not work off of NWACC campus without prior approval from USCIS and the International Programs Office.
Does my Associate's Degree make me eligible for Operational Practical Training as an F-1 after I graduate?
Yes, please see our employment resource page to begin filing the paperwork. You may apply as early as 90 days before graduation and as late as 60 days after graduation.
I do not have the funds to pay for college. What can I do?
If you have been a student for at least 1 year at NWACC then you are eligible for Economic Hardship off-campus employment and you may apply for this with the International Programs Office. However, if you have been here less than 1 year then you cannot do this due to federal laws. You must instead search for scholarships or on-campus employment.