International Students Admissions Information

Admission Requirements

Information for international students
Type of StudentRequirements

First-Time International College Student

Requesting an F-1 VISA


  • Student in home country
  • Students without an I-20    

Transferring International College Student


Requesting an F-1 VISA


  • Students with college credit
  • Students with an I-20

Visiting International College Student
attending another institution

All Other International VISA Holders
  • File most appropriate Application  Required - $20 USD nonrefundable application fee
  • Copy of passport & VISA/I-20
  • College Transcripts (If Applicable) or High School transcripts or diploma showing proof of high school graduation translated in English


NOTE: All requirements must be met to receive approved I-20. 
I-20 will not be issued if any of these documents are missing.


Please Submit all documents to

Any questions can be directed to our email or 479-986-4019.

Application & I-20 Deadlines

Application and I20 deadlines
Tpe of Student Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
Outside the U.S.July 15thDecember 1stMarch 15th
Inside the U.S.August 15thDecember 15thMay 1st