Registration Documents

All International Students must have this form to see an advisor at "Admissions & Advising".  Please request this from your PDSO/DSO prior to your advising appointment each semester.

This is the paper registration form if you are unable to sign up online.  This form will need to be signed by your Academic Advisor prior to submission.

If you wish to change your major then you must file this form prior to the start of the next session.  You must also submit a copy to your PDSO/DSO so they can update and issue you a new I-20.

If you are having trouble completing your required course load under Federal Law then you may file for a "Reduced Course Load".  Acceptable reasons include: Medical, English Proficiency, Unfamiliarity with American Teaching Methods, and Graduation.  All of these reasons need supporting documentation other than "Graduation".  You will file this form with the International Programs Office.

If you need to proof of your enrollment with NWACC then you can get an official paper by filing this form with Student Records.